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Furniture and greenhouse
This game is brilliant, but it's missing some key items if you want a realistic ship. A few creators have put similar items in the workshop, but it's not enough. I refer to furniture for crew quarters or for the bridge of a ship. Beds, chairs, tables, desks, kitchen and mess hall item, appliances for cooking, food storage, showers, toilets, sinks and even exercise equipment. These items would be essential on a ship. As well, the ability to make an area on a ship with trees and grass. Again, a large ship would have this. But, you could take it a step further and introduce farming, with the ability to grow food on a ship. As well, the plants could contribute to the levels of oxygen, providing air to breathe, a recreational area for the crew to maintain their psychological well being and finally, it feeds the crew. Items like I described are what the game lacks and would add more realism. You could build a luxury space yacht, like a hotel, with first class rooms for guests and a park area with a glass roof for their recreational activities. Or, a warship, with tiny crew quarters. Stackable beds could make bunks for crew. Or, a huge double bed for the captain or rich guests.

duncandisorder shared this idea 23/09/17 17:15
Astronomical 25/09/17 07:17
Please vote for Decorative Blocks here
Sagi 26/09/17 09:18
I like it. Something like farming in rust would be nicely. the eating stuff should be needed at such items but please make it take a very long time before you have to return there.
duncandisorder 01/10/17 01:04
The more I think about it, the more I expand on my idea. Like, for a ship's main deck, there are no desks with screens or the usual generic items you expect to see in this area. The LCD screens can be implemented, but you're limited. Also, general decorative items are lacking. Statues, houseplants, would be amazing. The game is so focused on engineering in its strictest sense, it has forgotten the aesthetics and the basic needs of the human crew.
Hunterakagman 01/10/17 01:09
Stop it with the ads! It's annoying!
Rantage 01/10/17 01:13
I will purposely NOT support this suggestion, as the author has taken it upon themselves to SPAM this page's URL in other, completely unrelated questions. I'd flag the comment if I could, but that feature is apparently broken.
MeridiusIX 01/10/17 01:16
As of this post, you've spammed your link in about 80+ other threads. Knock it off!
intrudery 01/10/17 01:17
DO NOT support this! Author has been spamming other mods pages.
duncandisorder 01/10/17 01:20
I am so sorry, I didn't know I couldn't post my idea. I feel bad now. I'm really sorry.
Hunterakagman 01/10/17 01:22
I'm not sure if it's in the rules, but it's quite annoying to see your mail full of the same email.
duncandisorder 01/10/17 01:26
@Hunterakagman. I'm relatively new here and I thought you only got email notifications in the threads you posted in, not the entire board. I was trying to put my idea out there since I couldn't see how else you can promote it. This is the last thing I wanted. I sincerely apologise. Shame, now people hate my idea because of this.
intrudery 01/10/17 01:30
Yes, because spamming could have worked? Lol
KissSh0t 01/10/17 01:30
Please don't spam.
Hunterakagman 01/10/17 01:37
You do get notified when somebody posts in the topics you made a comment on, and I think votes too. I just posted on a many ideas. The it works her is that you simply post your idea and wait. Everyone as limited votes, so people focus on the best ideas first. Your idea is not necessarily bad, but you advertised on other ideas, which is annoying. So this would be your punishment.
duncandisorder 01/10/17 01:40
@intrudery Again, I sincerely apologise. I didn't see it as spamming, as I explained above. I simply thought I was sharing my idea with others, not to force upon them. Unfortunately, some people won't accept whatever I say and see what I did as spamming or believe my apology is sincere. All I can do is write the words in the hope people accept what I say. If they don't accept it, there isn't much I can do. Sadly, I screwed up my suggestion unwittingly.
duncandisorder 01/10/17 01:47
@Hunterakagman. Thank you for clarifying it for me. Guess you're right, any "punishment" or backlash is beyond my control. It's the result of a noob move. I appreciate your candid comment.
Phoenix84 01/10/17 01:48
You can say it all you want, but posting a link on other threads to your unrelated idea is spamming. You know it's spamming. That is not an accepted behavior *anywhere*. I personally have stopped using this site because *every* single action you do here causes you to be subscribed to endless notifications. As you will soon find out. This part you probably didn't know, and probably didn't expect. Be prepared for endless emails you cannot disable.
XeroCreator 01/10/17 01:55
Flagged for spam, punishment should be removing this idea completely and forcing you to restart it.
duncandisorder 01/10/17 01:57
Phoenix84. Technically speaking, I suppose it's spamming. However, I believe there is a thin line between sharing and spamming. Spamming is done without conscience and without consideration. Whereas sharing or promoting your idea is not meant to intentionally piss people off.
KissSh0t 01/10/17 01:59
Please stop commenting in this thread duncandisorder. You make the comment, and that is that... the rest is up to Keen. I do not want to continuously receive emails with your spam, Please stop spamming.
XeroCreator 01/10/17 02:00
Spamming is repeating the same action over and over again without fault or change. See: spam. Also nasty food item
Astronomical 01/10/17 02:07
The funny thing is, as I tried to point out in the first comment, this is mostly a redundant idea anyway. The furniture part is already covered in a more popular thread.
Spets 01/10/17 02:21
reporting this to get removed due to stoopid spam
duncandisorder 01/10/17 02:25
At this point, I wish I could remove my idea myself. I said I'm sorry. I explained how I didn't see it as spamming. People are pissed. I can appreciate why now. Nothing I say will fix this. Some people are not going to be forgiving. And, naturally, it's led to the next step of criticizing my idea with more venom. I'm sure we've all made mistakes on forums in the past. Not a one of us is perfect. I admit I'm not perfect. I made a mistake. I am sorry. At least I admit it openly.
Spets 01/10/17 18:36
I wasn't serious anyways, I don't like that you was spamming, but I didn't reported this. Furniture, decorations, would be nice in SE
byzod 01/10/17 18:40
Stop spamming the fucking comment you idiot. Learn to behave like normal human before playing any game please.
pingger 01/10/17 20:42
SPAMing other ideas, so no vote for this. Also we neither need furniture nor greenhouses, go make a workshop mod/ subscribe to one the endless count of already existing mods if you really want this
Astronomical 01/10/17 21:15
@byzod "Learn to behave like normal human" That's a little ironic coming from somebody that calls people fucking idiots. @pingger There's over 140 votes on the Decorative Blocks idea plus 18 here that says you're wrong. SE does need at least some basic decorative blocks without using mods, it just doesn't need spam.
rassang 02/10/17 16:44
Don't writte for your idea in ideas another author
Yeto 04/10/17 14:20
spam: Your idea seems to be good, but I am not supporting it (yet) because of spamming. the correct channels for getting attention is: A) once or twice a day in the keen discord channel and B) a post in relevant topics in the keen forum. If you want my vote write a discord message in general and attach @Yeto, thank you for your commitment
Yeto 05/10/17 19:48
Dear duncandisorder, thank you very mutch for your nice letter, I am comming over to give you votes for your emersive ideas. Yours Yeto
duncandisorder 06/10/17 10:22
@Yeto. Thanks again Yeto, it's genuinely appreciated. Also, I want to thank the other people like you who chose to avoid flaming petty insults at me. No need to mention your names, you know who you are. lol I have had no problem admitting my mistake and apologising. If someone doesn't accept this, that's fine. However, once a person crosses the line with insults or name calling, it's a bit hypocritical to behave like your farts smell of roses. Brutal honesty, I can respect. Insults show a lack of maturity, integrity and respect. Ultimately, it says more about them and less about the person they insult. There's a huge difference between brutal honesty and an insult, but only a fine line separating them. Like I said, not a one of us is perfect. Myself included. I bear no grudges and wish you all the best. Peace.
Saberwulfy 09/10/17 17:37
- First, you are a SPAMMER TROLL. - Second, modders can easily create furniture, Your idea sucks and is a waste of time for trained programmers.
duncandisorder 10/10/17 09:52
Saberwolfy. Thanks for your egocentric contribution and eloquent critique. Comments like yours empower me. Why? Your words help me see I could be something far worse than a spammer. For example: I could allow my emotions and ego to rule my actions, speak before I think and demonstrate a distinct lack of maturity and dignity. See? Far, far worse, I'm afraid. Still. Thanks anyway.
KissSh0t 10/10/17 09:55
duncandisorder, I am getting sick of getting spam emails, stop commenting... the first comment is what matters, this is not where you debate ideas.. stop spamming. Go here if you want to have a discussion
ffwrude 16/10/17 08:34
Thank you author for spamming everywhere. It made me aware of you. Good job ! Next thing you know, KSWH will be aware of you. Hope it happens !
QuixoticMix 20/10/17 22:30
Please help support my "Half block amor extension" idea. Thanks to Keen we now have half armor blocks!!! Why stop there? Add even more! I would appreciate any votes. Thank you.