Space Engineers Feedback

Fully customizable characters
Please add fully customizable characters. For example tall, short, fat, thin, hair types, Alien, Human, Robot, Cyborg, green skin, blue skin. Also full face editing. If you add face editing we would like helmets that show off your face.

Hester74 shared this idea 16/09/17 05:36
forcedminer 05/10/17 16:15
I would like a feature like this. so that a engineers suit isn't the only different thing. . I can sort of imagine a slider that makes them taller or smaller or wider. heh with a few different face models to pick from. maybe someday we'll get a fem-gineer model? . you also mentioned Robot. robot engineers are a bit yes for me because you can just build a new one and download it into a new shell. :P SnoBot Mk1 FTW!!