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Friendly NPCs
When you play singleplayer you are alone.Well not completly alone but there are no friendly NPCs in game.I think that if there whould be feature in creative to spawn friendly engineer for atmospehere because if you play single player YOU ARE ALONE IN WHOLE UNIVERSE.So ... if Keenswh makes update for this or if comunity whould made mod for it it whould be great.

SpritemanCZ shared this idea 13/02/18 17:57
MarsMatter 06/04/18 03:13
If these NPC's gave missions and allowed trade that would be amazing.
BetaDaze 24/05/18 20:01
Agreed... But to expand upon that idea..... it would be nice to set up installations for a MP server, and arrange it so SOME functions are usable by EVERYONE.. then pass it off to a friendly NPC so it becomes a public station grid with some access restrictions just for the NPC and some for everyone... having it friendly would mean you could approach it without your ship shooting it to shreds. This method would be easy to implement.. and wouldn't require AI NPC's.... just friendly designation for NPC station grids on MP servers... If server mod could set all block permissions and have it stay the same when they give ownership of the grid to friendly NPC it could open so many possibilitys