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Force based identification of 'floor' surface
This ,kind of, was suggested here , but i'll describe it bit differently (my description is result based, but do not think its impossible to implement). The idea is to make characters identify walkable surface based on force with which they touching it (or by any other way with similar result). Point of this change is to make players’ movement on accelerating,slowingdown,spinning blocks work realistically ,without need to make systems using gravity generators As i understand ,currently ,for ability to walk (without mag. boots) character need to: 1. have ,generated by planet or generator, gravity acting upon it, 2. have jetpack disabled, 3. touch surface, the suggestion is to replace all the rules with single ‘touch surface with force more than certain minimum’ (which "force" ,maybe, can be sum of values of: 1. character’s acceleration to side of the surface and 2. surface’s to side of the character;) and maybe: 1. in case touches it not by foots: a. turn the character like gravity currently do, or (not necessary:) also add new key for player could choose to make the turn or stay kind of lie on the surface ((not necessary:) additional animation can be added for that) b. use other animations involving hands or hands and legs .. for movement, and (not necessary:) maybe add keys for changing the stance; 2. (not necessary:) make movement speed based on the ‘force value’ (example: < than 0.7g or > 1.3g = slower speed). (My task is to give the idea, all thinks mentioned by me here is just additional description for it)

Ilias shared this idea 13/02/18 05:24