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For the love of Clang, an armor half block.
I doubt I need to explain this one further. It is one of _the_ most repeated requests out there - and the one block type I miss the most often.

malwaredev shared this idea 02/08/17 16:49
midspace 04/08/17 06:03
Actually do explain. This is the first I've heard of an armor half block. Appearance? Purpose?
HunterDigi 06/08/17 11:41
They'd look like this: - but deformable, tiled textures, edges and all that good stuff :}
megapro 17/08/17 19:36
That's a great idea. For the time being I'm using one of the half block/slab mods from the workshop but a vanilla implementation of such a basic but very important block would get rid of compatibility issues of blueprints between different armor slab mods.
ThePimpness 17/08/17 21:32
@midspace The same as a minecraft half block. I could use it on a small ship design or 2. Currently I use LCD panels since I cannot use catwalks to cover over things on small ships without using a full or a sloped block. If you take either part of the 2x1 slope block and put them sloped toward each other with a space in the middle. That space is where one might need a half block. |\_/| <- regular |\-/|<- what i'm attempting to explain.
JJRcop 18/08/17 04:38
I would also like a half block slope, kind of like the 2x1x1 base except the half step is on top too.
JustRyan 18/08/17 15:31
It would also be nice to have a mini slope similar in shape to the corner lights but larger that fits with the other 2x1x1 slope pieces
Kephyr 19/08/17 22:56
The more I think about this, the more I realize how much I've missed the half armor block throughout my 1k+ hours of playing the game. +3 from me.
Spets 23/08/17 03:57
every time I see somebody using an Air Vent as a Half Block.... nvm
Brigor 24/08/17 11:57
Hopefully they will someday add all the missing slope and corner blocks. Many designs of my ships look very strange because the matching armor blocks dont exist :(
admiralpeck 27/08/17 04:06
they need to stop adding stuff and just fill out new versions of the current content in terms of blocks
Darkaiser 31/08/17 12:44
To be honest, there are LOTS of armor block shapes that would be useful. After half blocks, I would request more curved blocks. Many spacecraft designs use them in fiction and trying to emulate them is difficult
NikolasMarch 05/09/17 22:36
half height corner block and others added to this idea please :)
imperialguard82 08/09/17 14:58
I would also love a window half-block, simply because I do not want to put a hole the size of my character into my ship for just a window. Also I have never see windows that go from floor to ceiling outside a conservatory and yet we have to build windows that highs just to see outside.
Jerrry 09/09/17 10:19
Hey guys, we are working on the armor half blocks. Ondrej, KeenSWH
ghofmann 09/09/17 16:16
Excellent! Just the one block? Or are you also giving us other missing armor blocks? Like the 1X1X2 Inverted Corner?
Absolarix 11/09/17 11:28
ghofmann 11/09/17 20:51
Can you add the two blocks that are needed to fill this gap as well? They can be found here along with some other very useful shapes:
ChrisHiss 14/09/17 21:43
Your wish is satisfied
CreeperRreaper 14/09/17 21:59
Having these blocks added to the small grid arsenal would be fantastic as well.
CompactDisc 14/09/17 22:03
Glad to hear this is now implemented :D
Whiplash141 15/09/17 00:44
Could we also get these blocks for small grid? Small grid needs some love too :)
Spets 15/09/17 04:56
I think somebody forgot something.... for small grids... ¬¬
mikrogen 15/09/17 12:52
Released in 1.184
mikrogen 15/09/17 12:55
Small blocks - there is one big technical problem with half small blocks, they are just too small and can cause physics calculation problems, like fast moving objects going through.
Whiplash141 17/09/17 01:54
"Small blocks - there is one big technical problem with half small blocks, they are just too small and can cause physics calculation problems, like fast moving objects going through." Currently, there are plenty of blocks thinner and smaller than a half block would be: * 1x2 slopes * 1x2 corner tips * Text panels * Sensors * Button panels * Control panels * Cameras * Sound blocks So I do not think that that issue will be more apparent than it already is. It would add a ton more options for building with small grids. That's a net win in my eyes :)