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Food and food balances
so a lot of people will say food is going to be very very annoying because you need to eat 2 times a day well fear not i have a solution. when you start off youl have to eat food every 1 time every hour. then (because where in 2070) with advancing your tech you can modify food so you eat every 2 hours. then 3 hours and the max will be every 5 hours. New blocks that will have to be added -food lab -seeds -food box - and a place to store and keep your food fresh and chilled. Tnx :P

ronin shared this idea 25/09/17 23:57
RAG46 27/09/17 05:04
NO!NO!NO! Do not make SE an eating simulator!
ronin 28/09/17 02:34
? why its not an eating sim its realistic and to tell you the truth being able to eat in a game liek this will separate it from other stronger games like dual universe or planet nomads. and will give people a reason to get this game over the other ones
Darkaiser 17/02/18 18:24
I'm going to comment but not vote yet because as much as I like having a food/water system, I don't like this one. I don't want another bar I have to watch.