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Folders for blueprints
How about a folder system in the blue prints list, like one for small ships one for large and one for stations. ideally the ability to add custom folders and move BP's between folders.

Maxius shared this idea 21/10/17 00:30
sharpshooter037 25/10/17 22:52
I Like This Idea, It Will Make Blueprint Management Much Easier.
Maybesomeday85 30/10/17 16:20
+3 for this. Basicly same system that you have in computers.
Bleuhazenfurfle 03/12/17 14:35
Everyone wants folders for something; BP's, GPS, there was something else I can't remember right now. With your blueprints, you'll have scripts, GPS sets if it's an automated craft, maybe extra notes, LCD screen texts, control seat hotbars even, all these things would be useful to store together while you're building up your ship, or just to keep for later in case you want to make a version 2. What we need, are just plain folders — across the board — as in a HDD built into your suit, there'll be some system folders — new stuff can go in there by default — but otherwise you can move it around, create your own folders, and generally just shove anything you want into it, and take it with you — including blueprints (which could, by the way, eventually be special semi-read-only folders themselves). So all the bits that go with it, you can keep together, including the BP's of 3D printed missiles it'll be launching, and the script to drive them. As Maybesomeday85 said, but perhaps more than they realised, basically the system that you have in computers. (Except better — we have a super-computer underpinning the fabric of the universe itself, after all, which means a single file can exist in hundreds of places at the same time, if it's done right.)
andreykl 24/02/18 10:48
This suggestion already exists and with much higher vote count: Also folders can be used everywhere, not just in blueprints.