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Folder Hierarchy for Blueprints menu
We have lots of blueprints, from our own creations, SmallGrid4529_1 _2 etc and from all the amazing stuff added to the workshop, It makes the list hard to navigate and lately the thumbnail has been laggy. I've had to unsub from nice ships just to make the list more manageable. Wth folders this list would be better to view. Even just Local and Workshop folders would free things up. Going further you'd be able to organize, putting all ground vehicles into a folder or put a large themed set such as IMDC in its own folder. I think it would help with general use and greatly help the creators and collectors out there.

KrowMD shared this idea 18/08/17 16:03
Kephyr 23/08/17 18:39
Yes, please!
Brigor 24/08/17 12:02
This is what we need.
IratusAvis 24/08/17 12:04
I wanted to post the same suggestion - blueprint folders would be very helpful for me, too!
XeroCreator 06/09/17 08:36
I have ... at least 600 something blueprints... so yeah, this would be nice.
HighGround 07/09/17 09:02
This is desperately need. I currently have several folder created in my blueprint folder already but they can't be accessed in game. I can access them via windows and move them about though. I have an archive folder which has copies of all my creations and I subdivide it further with fleets, and PvP ships. Being able to access them in game would be a nice addition.
Pharap 14/09/17 23:14
As desperately as I try to keep my files organised with good names, I still find myself confusing them. Directories to group files would be much appreciated.
AutoMcD 15/09/17 15:21
+1 excellent idea
KManALPHA 17/09/17 16:24
the scrolling struggle is real
duncandisorder 01/10/17 00:51
Please help support my "Furniture and Greenhouse" idea. It really is a good idea, if I say so myself. Personally, I think the game has overlooked a vital part of ship building. We have no furniture, like beds and desks or no bathroom items, like sinks, toilets and showers. Anyway, there's more to my idea, I would appreciate any votes. Thank you.
andreykl 02/10/17 22:07
Yes!!! Also a lot other UI elements will benefit from folders. For example I like to mark all asteroids with gps tags, but it becomes quite hard to handle, Folders will save the day there). Folders in control panel, for example to display components of separate ships and subgrids, instead of just color coding. Folders for mod list and scripts...
Cragnathar 22/10/17 20:48
This has been needed since the blueprint system was added.
KrowMD 09/11/17 19:19
1.184.8 has added Blueprint Sorting (none, name, creation date, update date). This isn't folders but it's a small beginning.
Wuxian 24/04/18 15:59
This is one of the quality of life features the game desperately needs.