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Fix improper missile acceleration
Previously mentioned in the forums: This thread: This thread: The issue: Shooting a missile in a moving ship at another ship moving at zero relative velocity will cause the missile to arc backwards. After experimenting, I believe the issue is with missile acceleration. Its initial velocity is correct, but not the final velocity. Here's what I believe is happening: Missiles accelerate to the incorrect frame (world frame). Their velocity starts out as 100*(Turret aim direction)+velocity of ship. Due to acceleration, it appears their final speed will be 200*(Turret aim direction). It should end up as 200*(Turret aim direction)+v_ship. This isn't just limited to turrets. It happens to anything that shoots a missile, and even mods which code their ammos as missiles instead of projectiles (like gatlings, which behave correctly)

Velenka shared this idea 26/08/17 10:17