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Fix highlights to be less obnoxious.
So if you've played SE, you've likely seen the highlights that are yellow, bright, obnoxious, and generally also pulse over and over while you look at them. I've found this really annoying and changed it, along with the shading settings so night is darker on planets, and daylight is slightly brighter and smoother, so all around looks so much better. ... anyway i'll post the link to the mentioned mod later. So, yellow highlights, obnoxious right? here's an example... Now, take for example the image i posted, it looks alright, the yellow is not obnoxious yet. but it's the PULSE that totally destroys that and makes it obnoxious, but it being yellow is also very ugly in general, not to mention the conveyor port is ALSO yellow. " The pulse goes from the above... to this Highlighting the entire area, and back to just edges, and back again. At first this was neat, but it's grown very annoying to lots of players i've personally asked for an opinion. So my suggestion is to go with something subtle, still visual feedback for the player, and there's no pulse at all, just a simple highlight of a light-ish blue color that fits with the game colors example: I would love to say 'make an option to where you can change highlight colors to anything you want, but I believe this is a smoother and honestly more realistic approach because it's such a simple implementation. Side Note: this is already available if you use my shader mod here: Will update images later, but basically emissives are not as obnoxious either (see the examples above for comparison against vanilla emissives with the control panel brightness. Thanks engineers! <3 Xero

XeroCreator shared this idea 18/09/17 15:29