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Fix dynamic camera exposure
Currently whenever you enter a dark area exposure gose dow(or alt least it looks like that) meaning that everything is getting even darker. Biologically exactely the oppsite should happen. The result of this is extreamly offoputting lighting. For example when i dig a cave and enter it everything gets extreamly dark (basically black) when i then look out of the cave even the outside is all dark but it is supposed to be day. Ituitivaley i would expect a bright gloom when looking ot of the cave but what i get is complete darkness. Then when i leave the cave everlything suddenly gets brighter again and i can even see inside the cave now despite the fact that no more light is entering it than before.

CodingRays shared this idea 14/09/17 20:53
Oddish 15/09/17 13:58
What really annoys me about this "feature" is that you can't make rooms with dim lighting because Whenever there's no light or only just a bit the screen will turn pitch black. I also tried making a room pitch black but whenever I walked too close to a door the immersion was broken since the room was suddenly fully lit up by the light outside the door. Long story short you cannot set a specific lighting or mood in this game because the lighting is so inconsistent. Why do I even have all these sliders whenever I configure the lights when I can't even use their full potential? At least give it a button in the graphics menu...
LvlLord 17/09/17 22:05
Totally agree. When I have my headlight on, the whole scene (not only the area in the light) seems to be brighter. When I switch off my headlight everything is gettings darker. I expect it is getting darker, but after a short while your eyes will have accomolated and it should get brighter again.
pingger 10/10/17 21:55
It HAS a button in the options. Graphics>Ambient Occlusion Turn it off and you have lighting as you expect it. (mostly, at least it does no longer change so weirdly, but instead is fixed)
DevonV 05/11/17 19:36
Ambient occlusion is a rendering technique which changes how vertices are shaded to emulate some properties of light. There is no camera exposure or eye adaptation in SE. What you are seeing is the ambient light adjusting to the current environment. You go somewhere dark, it adjusts to be dark. You go out in the sun, it gets bright again. Actually calculating the lighting for the whole sandbox would kill SE, so they just fudge it for now.
solstynn 04/02/18 12:09
I just spent an hour or so testing various situations where this issue occurs in 1.186, and I think I can safely conclude that it is unrelated to eye adaptation as well as ambient occlusion. Ambient occlusion can easily be ruled out because you can turn it off in the options menu, and the issue remains. Eye adaptation (which does indeed exist in 1.186) can be tested by standing still at the entrance of a dark room/cave and alternately looking at the dark area and the bright outdoors for a few seconds at a time. It works as expected, at least on my system. The effect is subtle but clearly noticable if you look for it. Instead, I believe the issue may be caused by the global illumination 'trick' as explained in Marek's blog post ( This trick works by creating a cube map based on the current camera position, and then using that cube map for illuminating all geometry at close to medium range. This effect looks good in some situations, such as when looking at brightly lit ships from the outside, but it looks really bad in others, such as when approaching and entering an unlit cave or room from the brightly lit outdoors. The reason it looks bad is because as long as the camera is in the light, the cubemap will contain a lot of light, and it will then in turn incorrectly illuminate the interior of the dark room. The effect is very strong and the room will appear to be brightly lit, even though there is no light source in the room. But as soon as you enter the room, the cubemap will become much darker, and will thus cease to illuminate the room. If there are no actual light sources in the room, it will become pitch black at this point. The eye adaptation effect does counteract this sudden darkening to a tiny degree, but it is completely overpowered by the much stronger global illumination effect. In my opinion, this sudden transition is so jarring and annoying that I would much prefer to completely disable the global illumination cubemap trick. The benefits are subtle, but the drawbacks are really bad. So, assuming my analysis is correct, and unless you can come up with a better solution for GI, my suggestion is to give us the option to disable it. Thank you for your attention.
mikrogen 27/02/18 16:45
This feature works as intended in 1.186
pingger 03/03/18 17:50
The feature works the exact oppsite of realistic!