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Fix chat location, custom chat size selections
In regards to new 'UI' fixes' the chat is still located in an odd position, which is at the top right corner of the 'light' icon toggle. I know there was a 'new chat' being worked on which would be nice... but I would prefer at least if the chat were moved to the left of th e screen above the helmet icon's top left corner, in an unobtrusive spot. also possible new graphics option of 'text size' which would change the size of the ship menus and text shown in the comms menu and game chat to a smaller OR larger text depending on the option chosen., so options would be small, normal, large. or medium can be normal, to keep with the flow. example text size for small taken from server (ignore the chat, just a couple players talking)

XeroCreator shared this idea 15/09/17 09:06