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Female character.
I would like a female character without a beard as a vanilla option.

Pretmaker shared this idea 01/08/17 18:47
Phoenix84 01/08/17 19:38
Without a beard is key. :-)
xphoenixxx 02/08/17 02:56
I've also suggested a gender neutral model too for those that want to keep their gender preference anonymous... since you already bet me to the female suggestion :P
Mrjinx453 17/08/17 19:35
Without A female Char, you are pointing out there are fewer Females that play Video games. This is a Very Very Old attitude to have and one that was lost with "Medieval Times" anyway, "Voted this for my wife who plays SE and ME" adding this would be one less mod to load.
anathema 17/08/17 19:40
I really hope this is a priority! A few skin tone options would be a further simple step towards making this game feel welcome to everybody. Sure, you don't often see your own face... but when playing out our futuristic spaceship-building desires, it's disappointing to downright depressing to a lot of people to be stuck with the appearance of a white man as "generic engineer"!
Tharatan 17/08/17 20:28
Can even do this using the new unlocks - allow for the helmet piece to replace the visible face, so you can find/unlock gendered versions of each helmet?
FoolishOwl 17/08/17 21:23
This is quite essential. Given how bulky the space suits are, I'd think body differences would be subtle if noticeable at all, so this would be primarily a matter of creating female faces.
CorundumGuy 17/08/17 21:34
This is kinda important guys... arguably more so than dozens of skins for the spacesuit.
piratep2r 17/08/17 21:41
The lowest of all possible low bars here is literally porting the ME fem-engineer face over onto the SE male-engineer body. Why has this not been done already? And why has KSH not made any statement on the topic?
BigAntoni 17/08/17 23:00
RAG46 18/08/17 02:24
Replace the character with a non gendered oxygen breathing cyborg. Or get ready to ad plethora of races and genders in a futile attempt to satisfy people who have nothing better to do that worry about such things...
mikrogen 18/08/17 12:37
Any ideas how this female astronaut should look like?
IratusAvis 18/08/17 12:43
Korvatus 18/08/17 13:37
Sektan did a great series of female characters. Here's an example
malwaredev 18/08/17 13:46
She should simply be a perfectly ordinary woman. The suit wouldn't be much different - just the traditional anatomical differences like a little smaller, narrower shoulders and such. Just enough to make out the difference. Nothing big. No space bimbo please :P Something that a woman can feel at home using as their avatar.
KissSh0t 18/08/17 14:01
Halo has female characters, and they wear big bulky suits... this character model especially which I really like. I would love to see a female engineer, and also different faces... for male character as well... simple face editor would go a long way, just to let the player feel as if the character is theirs and they don't look like every other character. This could then be applied to npc characters if they are added, I am guessing for the single player campaign?
KissSh0t 18/08/17 14:54
Face variation like this? Female: Male:
Tom7i 19/08/17 12:01
I've been asking for this for months, if not years. It might be a small and trivial thing to ask for from a programmers standpoint, but it would go a long way towards gameplay enjoyment for any female players. Also, Medieval Engineers has that option already, so it shouldn't be a huge problem to implement imho.
RkyMtnDude 19/08/17 20:27
Yep... while interesting.. woot! the female character does not need to be sexualized with curves, colors, or other ways such as stance, height... just need a face. (and new shoes) lol Modders can run with it beyond that,
Mumberthrax 21/08/17 17:30
slightly smaller stature like this mod: with a generic caucasian face, sort of like this one: I say caucasian because the default male engineer is caucasian. If you do opt to provide this, you could provide variants with a few other skin tones for both sexes, but at the very least having a female version would be better than only having the one male.
FoolishOwl 22/08/17 20:19
I would just as much like to see a palette for skin tones, and a few alternative faces.
akutaco 24/08/17 19:45
I bought this game in 2013. At the time, I believed you guys when you said, "We'll make a female model, it's just not a priority right now." I understand that resources get dedicated to different things and that the game wasn't anywhere near complete. But you guys. No seriously, I mean, c'mon, you guys. It's 2017. It's been five years. The game is in beta. There have been so many different cosmetic updates to this game in the literally 5 years I've been waiting for a female skin, but you can't make a minor facial adjustment and slap it into your existing suit? What are you trying to say by refusing to put female models (or as someone else mentioned, varied skin tones) in your game? Because it feels like you're trying to say something.
Geneticus 24/08/17 19:46
I would personally rather have an RPG style character customizer. Let me take a base model and adjust the height, weight, muscle mass, face shape, hair color,gender etc.. Or let me import a head model of myself that I can create from images processed into a mesh with something like :
Reneta 25/08/17 01:54
I think after a massive cosmetic skin update, that did not include something a lot of players have been watching for (some for literal years), that isn't even that hard to implement for a company that designs games for a living (AKA Modders have been doing it this whole time for free), it feels a bit like a slap in the face. So it's BEYOND time for them to fix and implement this feature. Also, sometimes silence or in this case inaction an speak volumes about a group, person or enterprise. And that is a perception that once you earn it, you have a hard time overcoming.
Geronimo553 25/08/17 12:01
As a female player I have quietly waited since 2014 for female character models to be introduced. There are a good handful of mods that already alter the character model both in shape and face. Keen get on this already I'm tired of playing as the bearded lady.
Reneta 25/08/17 15:54
Ditto X 9001! :3
Itchydani3l 30/08/17 13:56
For gender neutral, a simple character wearing a balaclava underneath their normal space helmet would do the trick.
Mumberthrax 30/08/17 14:55
> balaclava really not a fan of putting terrorist/gang attire in a space game
Reneta 30/08/17 15:01
I wouldn't advise using anything that could be deemed inflammatory (especially not a balaclava). Even if the mask itself isn't "Bad" it is definitely tangled up in a lot of cultural baggage that isn't easy to unhitch it from. But have you ever seen the cloth hoods that motorcycle and auto racing professionals use? That could be sufficient so long as the eyes appeared androgynous. Or maybe just give us selectable faces that vary from female to male, with some androgynous ones in the middle. Even astronauts have headcap to keep hair from interfering with the seal of the visor/helmet, so it's not implausible. Though, to be honest, I wish we could also have attire outside of just spacesuits. But maybe that's just me. I'd like to be able to take the damn thing off and on as I saw fit.
Itchydani3l 30/08/17 15:07
Y'all know balaclavas are used for Police and Military attire right? They are used in basically every military-themed game ever, from CSGO, CoD, Arma, etc. If in the Space Engineers universe the engineers are using military-grade hardware, I don't think it would be a stretch to see a space-man wearing a balaclava.
Reneta 30/08/17 16:08
Militarized Police forces is it's own equally contentious issue and yes, I'm well aware of this. I suppose I could see that being used as a variant "character skin" in that vein. But, I don't really think that look fits with the theme of the game, in my opinion. Also, Balaclava are actually dangerous for space walks, because they can unintentionally trap extra CO2 around your face, which is possibly why astronauts/taikonauts/cosmonauts (or whatever you call them in your country) don't have coverings over their face. You'd have to have a mask feeding oxygen and pulling it away from the face under it, so even if you compensated for the fact that CO2 will pool around the face with something obstructing the airflow, it's extremely impractical. But, this is a fictional game, and no one will actually die so you know? I'd prefer some more form fitting, OR stylized space suits first ahead of balaclava, if we're going with science fiction surrealism.
Roxstar 31/08/17 16:15
As a female player, I vote for this one. Even without the whole SJW drama (gender neutral... seriously =.=!), having some choices with creating/changing a character would be nice. Maybe even slightly expand this with a space suit/ iatmospheric clothing option. (changable with using a closet block maybe) Walking around in a bulky space suit on earth feels kinda off and uncomfortble. Later on different clothing/suits can be added for the player to choose from.
Hominin 01/09/17 08:40
Lack of this has literally made me stop playing other games, most notably ArmA3 which is a pretty good game otherwise. Only reason this hasn't happened with SE is that you are still considering correcting this. A universe where only males exist? Not somewhere where normal males would like to hang out. This is also the reason why ArmA is so popular with fascist types, they tend to hang around games where the only characters in the game are males. In this case it is worse since the only characters in the game are white males with beards lol. If you want to increase the ratio of fascists in your user base over time, ignore this feature request.
Hominin 01/09/17 08:47
@mikrogen, since the characters are always in space suits, you don't actually need a completely separate female model as such, just some options on faces. a range of male and female heads to choose from would be sufficient and add value to the game in terms of character customization. You might even be able to get away with just adding an option to remove the beard, i have no idea how generic the current character would look if it didn't have a beard.
KissSh0t 01/09/17 10:09
This screenshot is from another early access game, I won't mention it's name as my intention is not to advertise it.... just to show what it looks like from the character select menu of this other game, I haven't played it myself, just watched a new trailer that was really impressive... it has a female character and also different classes of suits.
Syncaidius1 01/09/17 15:34
Medieval engineers has a female engineer as far as I remember, so why the heck doesn't SE? Mods are no excuse, since not everyone likes to use mods, nor should they have to for something that should be pretty standard in a character-based game these days. I'm pretty sure there are plenty of male players who would like a choice too. :) Choice is good, for both genders. Get it done!
HaTsUnE0NeKo 14/09/17 21:47
even after all this time. ME has females but SE still does not the fact i have to use a Mod to be female in SE is rather ridiculous.. the suit doesn't have to feminized but a face model would be enough. because us females also play your game and many of us don't really wanna play using a male character.
kertlund 14/09/17 22:29
The game is not about you're character or which gender , for god sake no gender neutral feminist stuff in a space oriented game , it would take resources not much but at least some form some other more important stuff . I don't see the reason to add this as the game is still in beta and these things are not really needed , and you should be capable of playing as a male even if you are a woman .
kertlund 14/09/17 22:29
The game is not about you're character or which gender , for god sake no gender neutral feminist stuff in a space oriented game , it would take resources not much but at least some form some other more important stuff . I don't see the reason to add this as the game is still in beta and these things are not really needed , and you should be capable of playing as a male even if you are a woman .
kertlund 14/09/17 22:29
The game is not about you're character or which gender , for god sake no gender neutral feminist stuff in a space oriented game , it would take resources not much but at least some form some other more important stuff . I don't see the reason to add this as the game is still in beta and these things are not really needed , and you should be capable of playing as a male even if you are a woman .
kertlund 14/09/17 22:32
People for god sake , this game is a sandbox type space game , not a RPG , not a mmo .
kertlund 14/09/17 22:34
eh ignore those 3 same comments from me , i dunno what happened .
FoolishOwl 14/09/17 23:13
It's actually surprising that it's gone as far as beta without this issue being addressed. I've seen lots of games in development, and never before seen a multiplayer games with human avatars that didn't have at least the choice of a male or female avatar. Given that they've explicitly begun experimenting with new options for character customization, there's no longer any reason to postpone addressing this. And insisting that everyone should simply accept depicting astronauts as exclusively male is sexist, and in itself countering that is reason enough to implement this change. There are women playing Space Engineers, and for that matter, there are women who are astronauts and engineers. It's insulting to deny that.
Reneta 15/09/17 00:22
Sorry Kertlund, but female avatars are the MOST BASIC of features they should have added to this game. Also, this is not the appropriate forum for you to complain that it bothers you that 51% of the population wants representation in a game as a bare minimum. We're not asking for doilies and flowers, we want a face. Also, WE HAD a female avatar but it was broken and was never fixed and reintroduced, and it takes the most basic iota of effort to give us that option. On top of that, as others have said, they added 31 skins for the game and didn't bother adding a feature we already have in Medieval Engineers, and have otherwise been told we'd get.
kertlund 15/09/17 14:57
I still dont see the reason to add female characters YET since its still beta and its not basic, i m not against adding it but dont see the reason for it now. but i m against adding "gender neutral" characters as it certainly is not needed. and if females actually wanted to play the game they would not care about the character. and the one who said he quit arma because no females, a war game does not need females as the game is based on realism.
Reneta 15/09/17 16:10
Medieval Engineers already has the feature, and we already know what the face looks like. They just need to fix it. If they can take some time to make a half armor block, they can fix the female face so it doesn't have a beard, and so that it doesn't just show an empty helmet (or other glitches). It would be different under other circumstances, but you could say that about most things. And it's precisely because we (as in women) are already playing this game that we need this feature. This isn't early access or alpha (like ME), it's not a new feature, and it's not even a swap of the animations, or suits. The faces aren't even animated. Mind you, they could be doing that and waiting for the feature to be ready, and have the assets attached to that update for all we know. Sorry if I sounded short, spent all nearly all day at the hospital and came home in a tonne of pain. As far as the Arma thing, its an antiquated trope that needs to go away, as far as I'm concerned. Women have been, and currently are in harms way, actively supporting combat missions for a long time (in addition to the recently added women in Infantry in the US Army). As a veteran, I'm well aware of this. (Video of Medieval Engineers)
kertlund 15/09/17 16:40
SE is early access , and ArmA 3 is not based on US army , its NATO . And the fact is that women are rare sight on frontline combat , even tho NATO allows women to fight in frontlines fewer than 5% even pass the physical test .
akutaco 15/09/17 17:12
Dear kertlund: This is one of the highest voted issues on the feedback tracker (it's THE highest voted in the Render category). The fact that you think that means nothing tells us more about your personal worldview than it tells us anything about what the devs should be doing. Nobody cares about statistics. This is a video game with functional gravity generators. Your dedication to "realism" (coughcoughsexistinterpretationofrealitycoughcough) means absolutely nothing to anyone but you. Sorry if it offends you to have women in your clubhouse though. I sincerely apologize that we exist, if that's what you need to hear. Again, I've been waiting 5 years for a functional female engineer. It absolutely is BASIC (as someone who's studying game art and development, I know enough about how these pipelines work to tell you that it would take minimal effort to cut out the man face and paste in a female face, especially since they aren't even animated). And I know that I'm not the only one. It would harm you in absolutely zero ways for them to add a female model. It's doubtful it would even slow down the dev team. Or are you scared your man-bits fall off if you have to see a face that doesn't have a beard on it? Why are you fighting this? Why do you care that women want to play as women? Why do you find that offensive and a waste of time?
kertlund 15/09/17 17:48
You basically did not even read my comment before getting triggered .
kertlund 15/09/17 17:48
vadersson 15/09/17 17:51
I to agree that a bit of variety in the character model would be nice. Female, different skin tones, etc. It does not have to be a huge difference, but just something to customize and look better.
HaTsUnE0NeKo 15/09/17 18:26
@kertlund Why Are you even opposing this with so much gusto? all we are asking for is to have a face model that's female. it's a simple addition. even from a programming standpoint as they already have the art assets for a female model. we shouldn't have to go to the workshop just to have 51% of the planets gender represented in the game when they already have the ability to add it to the base game. this shouldn't even have been a debate.
kertlund 15/09/17 18:43
@HaTsUnE0NeKo , i never opposed it i just said it not needed YET ! and i said i oppose the "gender neutral" crap which is never needed .
HaTsUnE0NeKo 15/09/17 20:26
and i quote directly from you kertlund . "The game is not about you're character or which gender' I don't see the reason to add this as the game is still in beta and these things are not really needed , and you should be capable of playing as a male even if you are a woman ." "I still dont see the reason to add female characters YET since its still beta and its not basic," Females should have been added during Alpha stage of development. you are suggesting that even in Beta stage, females should not be added and that we should shut up and be happy to play as a male. now i could get into a long running debate but i can see you would not be willing to listen. plus this isnt the area for it, this should be done on the forums. and to KSH, sorry about all this. let's just hope you get us females added soon. we love your game but want representation as well. Thank you.
Syncaidius1 18/09/17 14:56
@ kertlund As many have already said, they managed to find the time to implement suit customization with over 30 skin sets (which is awesome), so they can definitely find the time to add a single, female astronaut and a simple toggle in the character customization to switch between gender. Anything that expands the appeal of a game in a positive way is worth implementing. I've heard it time and time again that a female character is not important in games with only male ones, but by removing the choice for some people to play as their own gender (or whichever they prefer), you immediately kill a lot of the appeal of a game. I think its clear by how many votes this has that its important to a lot of people. It needs to be done.
odizzido 20/09/17 06:13
One fairly minor thing I would like to mention....if you could make the female and male engineers the same size that would be nice. If you have different sizes then people like me will pick the smaller option simply because it's a smaller target and that could save your life.
QuixoticMix 20/09/17 20:43
Would really like to see this happen quickly Keen, if you can make 30 skins, one face is not that difficult. And @kertlund: Just stop for the love of clang. A lot of us have been waiting forever for Keen to get serious and add a female option. There is no excuse for delays, there is no excuse to not have one, there is no reason to conflate this with SJW or gender neutrality; and quite frankly my dear, no one cares what you have to say. And Keen, if you do care about your players and supporters, you'll have this done fast.
Absolarix 21/09/17 01:36
I would like to see more faces in general. For instance, at least three male faces and three female faces. The one bearded dude is rather boring.
Sturmvulf 21/09/17 01:45
I agree Absolarix, in fact why not have something like the way we can change the color of our suits, but instead of color it changes the face of the Engineer...or would that be a wee too difficult? either way, something other than the bearded engineer would be a fresh change male or female. on top of that would provide variety to the SE Community as a whole and we can do more than just use either antennae in the suits or our suit color to ID each other in Game.
Seraphrim 21/09/17 22:52
Game breaking bugs, broken MP and ridiculous loading times for games with several dozen mods and we are worried about skin tone and what the engineers looks like? Just make them all spiders Keen so no one can bitch.
FoolishOwl 22/09/17 01:17
I must assume that @Seraphrim will make the same objection, that there should be no new features added until the bugs are fixed and performance improved, in response to each of the other 653 feature suggestions.
Seraphrim 22/09/17 01:52
No just that in light of the work that needs to be done to make the game playable at length things like this do not need to be a priority. I mean if you feel so strongly what you character looks like in a physics sim then you are playing the wrong game. I couldn't care less if my character is a white male with a beard. So what if his skin isnt black like mine. Pointless crap for what this game is meant for.
akutaco 22/09/17 02:21
Dear Seraphim: 5 years. And good for you. You care about no things. That's very special. I care. If you don't care, don't vote. it's such a minor cosmetic change that there's no strong reason to fight against it ("I don't care, so neither should you" isn't an argument). They didn't need to add a skin system at all, by the logic you just presented. Have you complained to Keensoft about that? Why is it that when you see people asking for a female face on an existing model, you need to come in and tell everyone how little you care what they want? Also, how small is your universe that someone can't want to pretend to be a space engineer and *gasp!* a woman at the same time?
siegdermaus 23/09/17 23:52
Mikrogen: Honestly, a simple headswap for the face of the female engineer from ME would be enough for now. Like the original male space engineer was the same as the ME engineer, but slightly modified.
schenn 24/09/17 03:25
@Seraphim - You do realize that the Modelers, Texture Designers and UI implementation team have less to do with your complaint than the programmers, who'd have little to nothing to do with adding a female engineer... 3D Modeling != programming. Texture Design != QA Resolution. In a normal software development house, those people don't just jump around between jobs with completely unrelated skills and tasks. Instead, they are used for those specific skills and tasks. In other words, not giving those team members work to do won't make the development process go any faster.
KissSh0t 24/09/17 03:40
Can you please stop using the feedback forum to argue, it is very annoying to continuously get emails because of voting on this issue and only seeing people arguing instead of providing feedback and ideas.
Absolarix 24/09/17 05:02
Yes, seriously. This is getting quite annoying. Please stop arguing, for the sake of everyone else who's not in the conversation.
DevonV 05/11/17 19:43
At this point I am entertaining the idea of settling for a bearded female astronaut.
BombMarley114 30/03/18 00:44
I have no issue with this but why are all the comments like so lefty ? The games focus is on the sandbox feature that lets you build to your hearts content. Your identity in this game means literally nothing unless you are some how roleplaying or making some sort of video that involves a story. I can heavily understand it in a game like skyrim where its all about what you do and your character that goes through the events but in a simple sandbox game ? Like i said no biggie but whats with everyones attitude that this is somehow not welcoming or offensive when the game isnt orientated around your character or story.
Jarin 30/03/18 01:36
Can we flipping lock this already? Every couple months some idiot has to toss in their two cents and bump the thread back up
midspace 19/07/18 23:49
Release 1.187: Female engineer confirmed.
xphoenixxx 20/07/18 03:58
This needs to be marked implemented now as per midspace responce above.
mikrogen 20/07/18 15:54
Added in 1.187