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FAIR multiplayer & other issues
These are issues I have found with Player-hosted multiplayer. They may or may not also apply to Dedicated Servers, and some may apply to singleplayer --==UNKNOWN SINGNALS==-- Many blocks of unknown signals are owned by the world host. In addition to that, they cannot be hacked. This causes most contents of their inventories to be lost unless the world host collects it. When a parachute hatch is ground, the canvas inside is not dropped, and simply deleted. When a cargo container is ground, only one of the items in it is dropped. the rest are deleted. --==CARGO SHIPS==-- Simply put, cargo ships only spawn around the world host. Players far away never get them. --==PIRATES==-- Twice, I've had the pirate carrier Argentavis spawn ~11km away from me... and fly away. It never came in range to send drones; It fled as soon as it spawned. --==RESPAWN SHIP COOLDOWNS==-- When respawn ship cooldowns are changed in a world, the current timers do not change. You still have to wait for the cooldown before respawning. Future cooldowns are updated, but not existing ones

Thiz shared this idea 11/02/18 01:19