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Factions: Dictatorship / Democracy
When creating Factions, allow players to choose between Dictatorship or Democracy. DICTATORSHIP: - The Faction Leardership is passed from one to another. The actual Leader chooses the New Leader and its done. DEMOCRACY - The Faction Leader will be ellected from an specific "voting" function. Example: - Founder - Leader (election) - Voting Member - Member - Associate

ppenido shared this idea 22/08/17 16:18
dcar 14/09/17 23:25
Okay, but what would the purpose of a chain of command actually be? There aren't any mechanics where a vote action would even be useful ... unless you want to have a simple majority approval of new members or something like that.
doncdxx 15/09/17 22:00
Ranks within a faction would be nice for limiting access and maybe turret targeting. I know I'd feel a lot better inviting a new player to the faction if I can lock out all ships systems to faction members below a certain rank or set a ship that defends itself from bottom tier teammates that might actually just be trolling or just too noobish to know not to go joyriding in the faction's 20mil kg ship near a planet. And names of ranks should probably be set in the faction options. I'd prefer -Admiral -Captain -Commander -Lieutenant -Ensign
HackerFinn 28/09/17 13:54
This would need at least a more complicated permissions system for blocks, to actually be useful.
Aetrion 28/02/18 09:09
I used to play SWG, making any faction a democracy was basically just begging for people to infiltrate and take it over. then immediately declare it a dictatorship and kick out everyone who wasn't in on it. If you wanted a functional lasting democracy you had to be a dictatorship that listened to the members, and used its power only to protect that openness.