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Faction selection at respawn menu
One of the prime problems with playing together with friends in a new world is the current way allies want to group up together at the start of a game or entry into a server. Currently, one person must spawn their own ship, create a faction (name, tag, etc), then relay this information to friends, then said friends must spawn (likely in ships, adding more grids to the world) and subsequently join the faction, upon which time they must also kill themselves because they are likely far away enough that the journey is a waste of time. Needless to say, this can be an extreme nuisance, especially for new players. I propose that a solution is made to simplify this process and make it easier to join with friends on a server as a group by having access to the faction terminal somewhere in the respawn selection process or by some other means.

PhoenixTheSage shared this idea 26/08/17 03:01
megapro 26/08/17 03:32
I like that idea it makes starting a new game with friends quite a bit faster and should solve problems like accidentaly shooting other players with auto turrets because they didn't remember to join the faction.
TinyRick 15/09/17 19:38
Also with this allowing you to spawn in a ship some what close to your faction the first time you enter a world.