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Faction Allies Deemed Enemy
I have no idea what is triggering it, but allies within my faction are spontaneously changing to red on a completely stock server. This is causing my gun turrets to shoot at them in their cryo chambers, ultimately ripping through the station itself and destroying everything else in its way. It has caused me to turn off the guns and leave them useless. Please fix this so I can stop yelling "KEEEEEEEEN!" every time an ally dies.

Phraxas shared this idea 18/08/17 01:26
mikrogen 18/08/17 11:15
We will investigate this issue, thank you for the report
zorgkirill 18/08/17 15:17
We had almost the same issue on modded server, but there only player/ship icons ramdomly were becoming red, without turret shooting.
woodster 22/08/17 03:20
I've seen the same on my DS. In fact, it went so far as not to let the player who was red in the cryo chamber back in. I had to re-spawn from the med bay but it kept his old body in the cryo chamber meaning he, or anyone else could not use it. After building another cryo chamber, he logged out in the new and went red again. Both cryo chambers had his name in red. I feel like it happens after a server restart, but I'm not 100% sure.
Mad152 23/08/17 23:53
I have experienced this bug as well. Two guys in the faction could not see friendly antenna relays anymore, they could however still spawn on the medical room and turrets did not target them. Perhaps something is up with the synchronization of the faction members? It happened on a hosted server.
The7thDragon 27/08/17 22:05
I have always seen other players marked red as soon as they offline in a cryo, for maybe a year now. But they wouldn't be targeted, and it didn't cause spawn/login issues. Happens in MP/DS.
xiojade 16/09/17 16:13
In my experience, they are green when they enter cryo - if you're close by. If I log out, then in again - they show up in red as if they were an enemy. It also happens if I move far away, then come back. They will be flagged as hostile.
KManALPHA 26/09/17 16:27
I've seen this too, scary to witness the cleansing
mikrogen 03/10/17 15:33
Working on that
Jerrry 27/10/17 12:23
Fixed. v184.601 (Halloween update)