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Expose MyProjectiles (bullets) via ModAPI.
I am a mod developer creating a new shield mod with realtime collision/impact effects and my inability to see MyProjectiles as entities from the ModAPI significantly hinders what can be realistically achieved. Here is the mod in action for entities I can actually detect: For vanilla bullet based weapons (not missiles) and most other modded weapons based on raycasting I am unable to determine when these entities would intersect with the shield and do to their invisibility via ModAPI. Short of going to extreme lengths and likely totally crippling game performance in the process (i.e. creating huge triangle physics entities or calculating/estimating the bullet vectors every frame and then teleporting blocks in their way just in time) there does not appear to be a viable solution even with extraordinary level of effort. Specifically i am limited to only registering a shield hit when these entities hit a grid, voxel or player that is being protected. If the bullet passes through the shield but never hits these entities then I am unable to subtract shield strength nor am I able to visually show that a collision occurred.

DarkStar18 shared this idea 07/02/18 04:48
DarkStar18 29/04/18 10:22
Mod can be found here: Updated video:
DarkStar18 29/04/18 10:24
Corrected mod url:
Geothermus 12/05/18 16:25
This is an awesome mod. 3 votes from me :)