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Expansion of "permanent death" for MP server longevity
CURRENT BEHAVIOR: In its current state, "permanent death" on a multiplayer server creates a new player ID entry any time a player selects a new respawn ship. Blocks owned by the players "dead" (old/previous) ID remain in the game with authorship and ownership still set to the dead identity. THE ISSUE: Over time, the retention of this information leads to two problems: 1) The sandbox.sbc file constantly increases in size, as all information for every player ID is stored indefinitely (faction, chat, and GPS coordinates especially). Factions populated with dead players are retained, etc. 2) Blocks owned by the dead player remain in the game, and players who have manually recorded GPS coordinates can endlessly spawn additional respawn ships and fly to their old vessels, giving them resources at a rate that server settings and map design have a difficult time effectively controlling. THE SUGGESTION: 1) When a new player ID is generated, check for duplicate entries of the same SteamID - if any are found, delete all information from the old record. 2) Provide a server configuration setting to control whether blocks owned by an entity flagged for deletion by (1) should be: (a) deleted (b) set to owned by Nobody (c) set to being owned by Space Pirates / SPRT. Item (1) will remove entries in the sandbox.sbc that slowly bloat the file over time. Item (2) will allow server administrators to have a viable tool to combat respawn ship farming with, or give the opportunity for the creation of dynamic content in the form of derelicts or pirate grids formerly owned by players. OPTIONAL EXPANSION: It would be also be useful to add a "player timeout" configuration option, so that the suggested cleanup behavior above could be automatically applied to any playerID that has not logged in within a set period. This would prevent retention of player data for users that join a server, see the settings, and leave without playing.

Tharatan shared this idea 24/05/18 03:01
Tharatan 24/05/18 03:23
For an example of the retained data I am talking about, here is an excerpt from a current sandbox.sbc file - you'll see three entries for the same player, as they restarted multiple times. 144115188075856358 carsten 0 Default_Astronaut 0 2018-05-16T02:36:38.582783-05:00 144115188075856359 carsten 0 Default_Astronaut 0 2018-05-16T02:45:33.6963898-05:00 144115188075856360 carsten 0 Default_Astronaut 0 2018-05-16T02:49:10.8178084-05:00
Tharatan 24/05/18 03:25
Website stripped the tags. In order, the fields in the previous comment are: IdentityID DisplayName CharacterEntityID Model ColorMask (shows as an empty line) BlockLimitModifier LastLoginTime