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Expanded Thrusters
Redesign all Thruster GUI by adding, Acceleration- the faster you accelerat the more power/hydrogen is need. Speed limit- top speed for your ship to reach.

Primoak6 shared this idea 24/10/17 21:40
SuicideNeil 27/10/17 03:55
Fuel consumption would not be affected by acceleration, it is affected by throttle amount- you can still accelerate at 50% throttle, or 25%- 100% throttle would just accelerate you faster. When you use full throttle constantly you do in fact burn fuel faster- you can reduce fuel consumption by using thruster override and decreasing the amount as you leave a planets gravitational well, for example. Top speed would not be limited by how many thrusters you have- only rate of acceleration; no air in space = no resistance to limit your speed. The only limit is the artificial one imposed by the game- 100m/s roughly. What you really want is to have a linear throttle ability, rather than on/off which is all we have now effectively- it's kinda hard to do with just a keyboard, you need a joystick, or throttle pedal/throttle levers, and the game doesn't really support that too well, if at all.