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Expanded NPCs
In line with what ME wants to implement here (code could be shared to some extent) Add more hostile NPCs and more complex behaviour. For instance, pirate astronauts that shoot with hand weapons and defend ship and base interiors, sabroid nests and pirate outposts that determine the direction of attacks on the player. The faction system could also be expanded to create random events such as coming across pirates attacking a neutral cargo ship, or finding a derelict vessel floating in space with a sabroid nest inside it. NPCs should cluster around important resources such as Uranium and Platinum, an NPC base spawned in unison with any large deposit to protect it from players. Neutral factions could take offense to players mining on an asteroid they have claimed and become hostile, while pirate factions can become friendly if enough neutral cargo ships and outposts have been destroyed by the player. This would make the universe feel slightly less empty and desolate.

Duckroll shared this idea 01/08/17 18:07
Phoenix84 01/08/17 19:10
Sounds like EEM, which I want to see made vanilla.
Duckroll 01/08/17 19:28
Those are just empty ships though, like the existing cargo ships in the game, I'd like to see actual astronauts moving around too!
xphoenixxx 02/08/17 01:53
I've suggested some of these too (hounds/spider clustering/nests near valuable resources) - and i have seen NPC exploration/encounter ships attacked by pirate ships when they spawned in the same general area too.. (not cargo ships abandoned ones) so yes.. this gives me an idea too for a suggestion..
PhoenixTheSage 02/08/17 15:20
Spiders need to be space-bound, with hives or hive ships and be territorial.
XeroCreator 06/08/17 20:46
To add onto this... I have for a while now, stated how small everything feels while playing. Essentially, there's a certain weight to different games you play, and the weight is the equivalent of however long or how much time and resources it took to build your ship or whatever component you make. For example,currently the refinery, if lost at an early stage in the game or damaged, causes you to instantly lose the ability to refine ore, and possibly even prevent your game from going any further without intervention from other players or re-spawning. Instead, once you have your ship into space, and have 2 refineries or more, tons of components and ore saved up... you are pretty much set, there's no real weight to the game to make you want to protect all these resources because it's so simple to get most or all of it back. Of course this may change, who knows, but the idea is depth, make it harder to get things, and they will gain weight to the player, and even depth to the game. Most people will not see this as a thing, however it's only because you started SE with all this being simple and easy to make, if you started with everything harder to make and things had weight, you would probably agree that the game felt 'smoother' possibly. This is also sort of a 'hardcore' mechanic, where instead of players building multiple ships, they would only build a few... which would keep servers from being cluttered with small grids etc.
ActionCactus 17/08/17 18:33
This is the single most important feature for SE's success, I think. Right now it's an (excellent) sand box, but this would gamify it and make it even more appealing than it already is.
ActionCactus 17/08/17 18:34
I shouldn't say 'success' as the game is already successful; I hope you guys knew what I meant :)
Brubaker 17/08/17 20:29
I would like to see also friendly npc like humanoid robots. You can give simple orders like defend GPS point, weld, grind. We should combine the capabilities of remote control to make paths and programmable block or timer to set actions, or maybe recognaise you when you sens a massage to follow you. And random simple missions in survival, rescue a ship or npc, explore for resources some area, protect another ship from pirates in a route...
Tharatan 17/08/17 21:53
@Brubaker as long as it doesn't become as incessant as "another settlement needs your assistance!"
baratgab 17/08/17 22:16
At least they should make the NPC options usable... I was never able to turn on spiders, wolves or drones, because it makes the game pretty much unplayable. :( I'd like some challenge of this sort, but the constant onslaught of these entities is simply frustrating, and it feels broken.
StrangeCalibur 18/08/17 05:03
HyperLemon 18/08/17 07:39
Yesterday it was 32 votes, now 143 ! Yeah EEM is cool but better if KSWH made it cooler in vanilla. I have too weak base but i find very cool mod: Pirates and cargo 2.0
KissSh0t 18/08/17 14:44
From my understanding "someone correct me if I am wrong" the game uses a type of grid system for the infinite space, this could be used to have a kind of "zones" for friendly and hostile npc character "region's of space" I guess you could call it. Military Characters inside the Military Ships, Friendly or Violent depending on how the player interacts with them, The character can help military characters fix damaged ships, or collect certain types of resources, so they can build ammunition.... The player could of course try stealing Military ships, the military of course would not like this and then be hostile towards the player. Military characters would have the best weapons and the best ships. There could be a type of "Special Forces" type character, if the player has built a base and the player has been unfriendly towards the military these "Special Forces" type characters would go after the players base with the intent of destroying the base, or ship... wherever the players main Medbay is located. Pirate Characters inside the Pirate Ships, enemy always, aim is to steal cargo, not to destroy, give them behaviors like trying to destroy the cockpit, trying to go inside a spaceship and destroying a cockpit to stop the players ability to control the ship, going after the medbay to stop the player spawning, actually taking resources from the player, looking for storage containers, giving npc ability to take resources from storage containers, make pirates go after things like gold and silver... maybe they collect weapons too. Other Engineer characters, Neutral towards the player, they would help the player, maybe share resources, or provide tools, or information about the location of certain types of resources, or oxygen & hydrogen bottles. Deconstruction Droids, basically robots that like to deconstruct things, maybe looking something like "IG-88", they would hold a drill in both hands and have a crazy fetish for deconstructing things because that is the prime directive @__@ Maybe the player can somehow hack these droids and then make them friendly, then making them like helpers, giving them a wielder and then they like to wield... or a weapon and making them guard the players base. Sabiroids, give them ability to walk on walls, roofs, down corridors, through doors, allow them to hold onto players large ships, allow them to survive in space... then you could have freaky situations of these spiders on players space ships and the player would have to get rid of them, maybe give the sabiroid the ability to lay eggs, essentially infecting a players spaceship with aliens, the player would then need to destroy the eggs.... Aliens hehe Explorer characters, neutral towards the player, maybe they could provide the player with information of some sort, location of something they have seen? or a certain type of resource. Freighter ships to have npc manning them, maybe the player can trade resources for items with them? I'm not sure how trading interactions would work with npc, something like skyrim maybe?
Cetric 21/08/17 14:08
NPC's for hire! Expand this not only for foes and neutrals, but let's hire NPC's as our crew members. Maybe for the beginning just as decoration, on the long run I would wish for giving them tasks in our station, ship... ME had such NPC's who would mine stones for you, chop trees and carry resources to a pile. So there is where the build the code on...
Cetric 21/08/17 14:14
For not spamming your possessions with armies of NPC's, I add the hired NPC's would infact need a payment for staying on the job, like a deduction in resources, preferably gold, in relating quantities. One more thought: different NPC types costing different salaries. Officers, soldiers, technicians...
StrangeCalibur 25/08/17 08:33
I think this could get 5 million votes and still not happen....... this far into a beta? This isn't just one feature its maybe 100 or so features....
Saberwulfy 26/08/17 06:36
I would like pilot npc instead hunt for programmable blocks. EEM make me destroys 2/4 ship blocks for reach 1 little block, while if my cockpit explode i lost all.
Darkaiser 31/08/17 13:32
I wish I had more votes...
mccorkle 31/08/17 14:40
@darkaiser just ask everyone you meet on SE mp servers to come here and vote.
RyeBread 14/09/17 20:49
I like the idea of having NPC owned stations to make the world be less empty. Upboated.
aikiwolfie 14/09/17 21:11
I would go further and make players compete for resources against the NPCs. This should be doable using the AI that was shown to be navigating a small ship through a tight L-shape tunnel a while back. Failing that, we could just use a beam drill and call it good enough. The NPCs would need these resources to power ships, make ammunition and build new ships. Any "living" NPCs should also need oxygen or an atmosphere of some kind to survive.
Vardgo 14/09/17 22:51
Charlat 14/09/17 23:36
A human NPC would increase my enjoyment of this game +3 votes
doncdxx 15/09/17 18:33
With AI characters, the scenario editor will explode in popularity. I know that I'm only half interested in it for combat and more interested in having some annoyingly frail colonists to protect on a planet colony or space habitat.
mccorkle 15/09/17 19:54
I think the problem with building 'human' npcs is that if they just stand there and do one job, they'd be pretty boring... and teaching an AI to mine, refine, and build ships and structures would be .... hard. Anything less than that wouldn't be competitive against the players. I'm not saying that Marek started an general purpose AI company just to do this, but I do see GoodAI hooks in the code, so maybe that is a plan for WAY down the road. I'm not Keen though, so I can only speculate.
TheRealTurok 16/09/17 04:19
I suggested adding hidden geodes within asteroids, maybe elite enemies / drones could be hidden within them! Please vote!
SpecFrigateBlk3 18/09/17 15:11
I've seen discussions of making respawn reliant on a crafted item. Maybe NPCs could be as well. If you spawn all your "bodies" as crew and die, one of the NPCs should return to the medbay as a respawn body.
Whiskey2049 18/09/17 15:16
I think spiders need a bit more work and they could become something more like the zerg. Having a nest on a planet, with 2 or 3 different kind of spiders and expanding from the nest to the rest of the planet while building more nests. You would have to survive, fight them off and destroy their nest or you will eventually be forced to leave the planet, regroup and come back later if you want. I think spiders and nest should also provide some nice loot to give players another incentive to fight them and conquer the planets they are on.
LukaszLutek 18/09/17 21:04
Thats great idea I would like to see that in the game. Can someone take a look at my ideas. Everyone know the problem with one connection to rotor, when you remove the connection by accident and whole part of ship fells of.
mccorkle 19/09/17 00:51
@LukaszLutek This forum is specifically for posting and comments on suggestions and feedback on the game. To get help, give the discord ( or the keen forums ( a try.
duncandisorder 01/10/17 00:48
duncandisorder 01/10/17 00:48
Please help support my "Furniture and Greenhouse" idea. It really is a good idea, if I say so myself. Personally, I think the game has overlooked a vital part of ship building. We have no furniture, like beds and desks or no bathroom items, like sinks, toilets and showers. Anyway, there's more to my idea, I would appreciate any votes. Thank you.
HyperLemon 08/12/17 15:19
Check it out: