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Exiting Camera also exits Remote Control
While controlling a Remote Control and viewing through a Camera pressing T instantly exits both Camera and Remote Control instead of exiting only the Camera. In case when you control the vehicle using a Passenger Seat that's very frustrating and deadly.

Lent shared this idea 22/09/17 18:45
DeckerMMIV 27/09/17 19:01
I have encountered the same "problem", but for now I'm using the following 'work-around' to avoid getting booted out of the Remote Control: - Put all cameras into a group - Then in the Remote Control's toolbar, add that group-of-cameras with action 'Switch On/Off' Then you "just" have to remember to use the toolbar action (instead of the T key) to first 'turn off' all cameras (which causes you to leave the camera), and then 'turn on' again so you can switch to a camera if needed.