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Excessive Bullet Spray
So, a while ago now, Bullet Deviation, or "Spray" as most call it, was implemented into the game for balance reasons. (I'm just assuming that, don't take my word for it.) (Also sorry if this sounds kinda like a rant, it is, but I'm not trying to cause trouble. I keep getting destroyed by Private Sails because I can't knock out their weapons systems anymore.)(This could also be considered a feature suggestion/change for subcategory but I didn't know which was better.) I recently tested some designs in survival mode for the purpose of building a feasible fighter, bomber and interceptor design and came across one issue that often resulted in the craft being utterly destroy when engaging random encounters in open space: that is the deviation of the rounds is far too great to reliably disable the weapon systems and other critical (and deadly blocks) on said craft until 80% of the craft is destroyed. (This too often results in the cargo container being part of the 80%.) I should add that the 80% typically refers to the civillian styled ships like the Private Sail and so on, as the larger, more meaty targets from the military designs are heavy armor structures and the result is 50-50 with mining corporation designs. I could (and will) go into the science behind why the guns wouldn't produce bullet deviation in space and would in atmosphere, and this is simply because of the respective temperature. This is tied to the arguement that heat would case the barrels to distort and cause the tradjectory to be altered. Space has no way to contain heat therefor any object in space would be subject to extreme cold thus the weapons would be unable to overheat (by weapons, I'm refering to the barrels of projectile based weapons) or would take a significantly longer time to. (I probably shouldn't mention that the 25mm gatling guns don'f fire fast enough to produce significant heat in a vaccum to cause barrel overheat or deformation.) While I agree with many people in that turreted gatling guns and gatling guns were far too accurate for their own good, now they couldn't hit the broadside of the stock Red Ship. Yes. I went there. I'm not saying they should be perfect 100% accurate. I would though like a way to adjust the spread over maximum distance (so at 800m max deviation is X: where X is an undetermined number between 0.5 metress and 5 metres [I'm not sure what the current deviation at max range is.].) maybe through world settings or game settings. As I said earlier in the post, gatling guns are just far to inaccurate at the moment to be a reliable weapon, rockets aren't much because they often explode via collision with another rocket when they aren't spaced out enough and that modded weapons either use the default deviation values or the mod authors try to balance them to fit the current meta, and as such taking on the random encounter ships, large or small, tends to end in tragedy. All I ask for is that you guys over at KeenSWH take the useability of such weapons when making changes like these and to consider if what I'm asking for is too much. I would love to see a reduction in deviation at range (1 large ship block diamater at 800m) but I would like to see what your solution to this, not just what everyone else suggests... of course leaving as is will probably sting but, meh, I'll get over it. Anyways: Cheers if you read this far down and I look forward to more game changing updates... only further into the future so mod developers can catch up and stop their hiatuses. :)

MaNiPuLaTedFuZe shared this idea 09/11/17 13:05
MaNiPuLaTedFuZe 09/11/17 13:13
I should say this while I still have a chance, I was 16 hours into having built multiple ships when I kept dying so I was a bit unhappy at the time of writing and the part about the Red Ship was an exaggeration. For what its worth the accuracy isn't that bad but the spread makes it incredibly difficult to hit specific blocks. (Maybe a simpler weapon with slower fire rate and higher accuracy would work as an addition. Something mimicing a 50 cal. or 14.5mm or 15mm HMG that has less spread.) And I forgot to mention that recoil would only play into effect in a game like this where there were no inertial dampeners. Anyways sorry for this extra tid-bit, felt like I needed to add it.
terribleperson 22/11/17 08:59
Heat is actually more of an issue for guns in space than in atmosphere, because they're basically sitting in the middle of the world's best insulator. That said, I see no reason guns in space should have massive inaccuracy. With the advanced manufacturing and machining capabilities we have, I'd expect all of our weapons to be at least comparable to modern match grade firearms.