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Ever expanding enemy - game concept
I have enjoyed Space engineers immensely and have spent many hours on it. I know this would be a challenge, but would be good to have an enemy that expands from a base. An enemy that is left alone slowly gets stronger as it expands, similar to Command and Conquer. This could be initially a one player feature, but as performance is further improved, could be incorporated into multiplayer. Things could be built from projected units. Units can be put into categories, mining/defence etc, AI can decide what units need to be build etc. This feature would be a challenge, no doubt, but would improve the game play 1000 fold especially if implemented within single player, but multiplayer would be fun also.

miker99 shared this idea 01/01/18 06:30
FlassMaximus 05/01/18 22:13
I Love this idea, the one major thing that SE needs at this point is a living breathing universe to engineer and interfere with :D would be even better if the NPC AI for each world learned from the players attacks and defenses and created new designs and tactics around what its learned. an infinitely generated war of attrition and resources :D
MaxCorp 08/01/18 05:09
This sounds like an amazing way to spice up survival!
Leorith 11/01/18 06:09
I was going to propose something similar: -It could be modular bases each module allowing the npc base to spawn different types of ships depending on the asterids ressources the colony is builded on. -Each modules types could have several tiers of upgrading. - A first basic module (arc furnace tier) able to spawn gatherer 1 gatherer and 1 worker ship. If the gatherer and the worker ship aren t destroyed this modules would be able to spawn other modules around it. -Defence module adding turrets or defense drones. -An ice treatment module allowing the use of hydrogen propulsion and certain types of ships. -A transport module allowing to build transport ship to put in cmmon the ressources of different asteroid bases. Keen could use the community to build the different modules to add variety in the building style.
DyingDarkStar 18/01/18 12:05
if they add npc astronauts then it would make the game feel alive with this