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Event frequency
The frequency with which events are happening in SE is making it dificult to spend any time doing anything other than recovering from a previous event and/or preparing for the next. For example, start a new "Easy Start Earth" survival game, and within two or three minutes, a pirate drone is attacking, and continues to attack every few minutes. it has gotten to the point that when I am introducing a friend to SE survival using this map, the first thing I do is take the (nearly useless) deterrent fighter, and ram it in to the radio tower on the near by drone base because the loss of the ship early in the game is a very small price to pay compared to having your base continually under attack by drones. The same applies for the new cargo pods that spawn, they spawn entirely to frequently, a single player would *NEVER* be able to keep up with it. Add to this the way wolves behave (making a straight run at the player when reachable) and it just becomes frustrating

AntonTakk shared this idea 17/08/17 23:03
YesterKo 18/08/17 09:02
What about a difficulty slider?
Korfio 18/08/17 13:56
Similar issue to when I enabled meteors on planets and after playing for a week I came back to find the landscape around by base littered by thousands of holes. I guess the only real solution is to turn the events off.
AntonTakk 18/08/17 20:19
A slider could work. Perhaps a "base frequency" of once per in-game week, and the slider is simply a multiplier ranging from .1 to 1.9 with a default of 1?
JuStX2 20/08/17 09:11
*shrugs* just turn off drones if you wanna keep your stuff - other NPCs (spiders/wolves) don't target grids anymore. Also The Events are currently designed to get old at some point - which is why they are so frequent; take the supply pods for example: They drop almost 3 at a time PER player (in multiplayer add to the confusion that only 1 player out of all connected can receive the antenna signal from a pod, but anyone who sees it can open it) . You would obviously get bored of chasing after supply containers and move on to your next build. Ignoring the Pods is just a matter of risk/reward, the drones and meteors are just stupid and need to be revamped entirely not just in frequency.
jwturp 28/08/17 08:13
Yes! Meteors showers are such a let down in the game. I recently (maybe 10 days ago) decided to turn them simply to give my base something to do while I build and mine. In just that short of time, when I make a return trip from space, all I see now is a smattering of holes for the 1.5km around my base. Not to mention that the ore left behind by them is an utter waste of time if you aren't in desperate need of that 300-500 gold or platinum. I recommend lowering the frequency of them, but also not having them ONLY spawn near the player, let them fall within 50km of your location, and boost their drops by a good 500%, so that hunting down meteorites might actually be a worthwhile endeavor in early-mid gameplay. As for now, I'm thinking about just turning them off completely until something better comes along.
antokamire 28/08/17 19:34
The ability to determine the frequency of events could be a nice option
antokamire 28/08/17 19:37
Sorry to comment twice, but A peace timer would be nice too like some kind of slider where you can if you want determine a countdown from the start of loading the game, which can be set for an hour for example and in this time no harmfull drones or pirateships will spawn.
KManALPHA 17/09/17 16:38
Open the map in creative... delete the pirate base... save the map... edit settings to make it survival again... upload map to the Workshop. Done!
Justforthis 31/10/17 22:06
Just make events customizable, frequency, type, everything. Let us design our own difficulty better.
mikrogen 30/03/18 13:08
1. Meteorits amount is configurable, or you can disable them completely. 2. Drones can be disabled 3. Wolves/spiders can be disabled (and now are disabled by default)
Saberwulfy 11/04/18 20:42
@mikrogen Event's are fun, the objective isn't disable it, he is talking about frequency be controllable.