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Enhanced Timer Block
Allow setting the timer block to be less than 1 second. Also incorporate multiple separate timers in one block.

RAG46 shared this idea 17/08/17 20:50
KentiBengali 18/08/17 01:46
Great idea. Given the sheer number of applications fro timers, having multiple times in a single block would be extremely helpful, which seems realistic, given that most electronic items are CPU controlled anyway. This also would hold true to programmable blocks, as after all, most computers are not limited to being able to run a single program.
Phoenix84 01/09/17 22:46
I tried to make a merge for this several months ago. In order to get sub 1s timer blocks, it would break compatibility, or be horribly hacky. Personally I wouldn't mind the breakage, but other people (and keen) are less willing to actually fix the game even if it means breaking some people's worlds/blueprints. :-)