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Easy Server Interfaces / Admin Controls
Hello, my friends. I am the admin of newborn Dedicated Server (DS) and I'm having some problems. Reading Foruns and other SE communities content areas, I saw lots of peoplpe with related problems. So I decided to put some ideas to solve these "Dedicated Server Admins" problems: 1. Enable or Disable specific blocks, like rotors, programmable blocks... Just choose the block and put "Disable", for example. 2. Easy interface to choose blocks limits. Put this one and the 1. together. An easy interface to Choose a block on a list and set the limit or disable, for example. 3. Enable or Disable "respawn ships". Online DS are using mods to do this job. The vanilla option is not working. 4. Easy admin Panel option to put a grid "Destructible" or "Indestructible". 5. Easy way to put or change a MESSAGE OF THE DAY. 6. Easy way to send "Server Messages" using game interface. Messages like: "All online players, please, como to the server grid 1." 7. Easy option to "force" users to use some configs, like colors, use of specific tags in grids names. 8. Easy option to "Call an Admin" in-game. 9. Easy option to, using Admin Interface, remove specific blocks, from specific grids or specific players. 10. Easy "Problem Messages" customization. "You have a grid with incomplete blocks". "Timer Blocks are disabled on this server". "Jump Drivers are disabled on this server." 11. Enable GRID LIMITS for players and/or for factions. I think these are some good options to admins and players use more vanilla game and less mods. Since some mods are not updated, their functions can crash the game, etc. Admins are using lots of improvised mods and "code changes" and this is messy. Thank you a lot.

ppenido shared this idea 19/09/17 15:00
mikrogen 20/07/18 16:04
Interface redone at 1.187