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easy graphics fix
first, we should have an option to disable all particle effects, because it needs to be an option, and also a lot of them are ugly, but even better than adding this option would be doing what probably hundreds of other players do just about every time the game is updated: go into the game file and add a maximum time onto the smoke effect from construction, I've lost the page that shows how to do it and i cant remember how to do it either, or where it is, but i notice that you guys have the max time in the construction smoke either set insanely long, or even infinite, and if you downright disable this effect, on systems that are on the casual level like mine, it nearly doubles the frame-rate, and where before i couldn't weld up the entirety of a large ship by hand without crashing, when i did this i was able to play for 12 hours straight and suffered little to no loss of framerate, or any other slowdown, even though i was running about 20 fairly high load mods, and playing in a world that required block limits off. (yes, im sorry but, at least for me, that wonderful construction smoke you created... it's the root of almost all of my crashes, and its also a thing that happens when the vanilla drill is used, i have to use the cheaty beam drill mod to prevent crashes.... YEAH, THATS RIGHT, A MOD THAT PREVENTS CRASHES. anyways, ive said enough, fix it, or let me get rid of it with the menus instead of the code.

admiralpeck shared this idea 10/12/17 06:59
filcon 21/03/18 09:39
We have new particle effects. Let us know if you still have any issue with them.