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Easier control of rotors and thrusters
Not going to sugarcoat it, the rotor controls are as complicated as possible. It's like machinery from the 70's, not really applicable to the things people usually build in SE. Why can't we tie rotor control to the cockpit? At the most basic level, rotor attached wheels could be driven with WS, steered with AD. What about setting angle or torque to match mouse position? And of course the next issue is controlling things which are on a subgrid. If the drive wheel is being steered, that's two subgrids. Invisible to the cockpit or flight seat. Same with thrusters, I made a VTOL style thruster but since it's on a rotor I need a script to control it? This is very crude, and could be gracefully resolved with some better integration with the cockpit/flight seat/remote control.

AutoMcD shared this idea 23/12/17 01:13
AutoMcD 23/12/17 01:37
Some relevant thoughts in a forum post here: In particular I'd like to point out the video of Scrap Mechanic; Things could be so much easier for us.