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Dyson sphere problems
I am working on a dyson sphere for the main base of the upcoming survival series of my faction but am running into more and more problems the scripters, programmers and modders on the KSH discord can't fix, have no solution to or is not even there as something to mod. A rough overview what I encountered 2 days is what it took to import a 1900m long asteroid with a 700m diameter cave inside. Asked around on discord for a light scource to be placed in it's center and recieved a MyLight which is anchored at 0/0/0. Got a friend to make me a 60m planet to act as the physical body of the Sun. Am trying to learn how to script a day night lighting cycle for the MyLight in the center.... BUT despite investing time, thought, favors,...... the game tells me NOPE! The MyLight in the middle is unable to cast shadows which makes the whole scene stupid. Didn't found any solution with the guys at discord. even Modded longrange spotlights failed miserably: Their shadowcasting ability is limited to ~10m around the spotlight if a player is within 5m and they also don't have the neccecary angle to propperly light a sphere with 6 of them. And make them floating like the MyLight I never figured out. The Sun-Planet was supposed to deliver oxygen and gravity to the whole cavern. Apparently it is Impossible to reverse the gravitydirection, and with a 60m planet the atmosphere stays about 5m above the surface no matter what I try..... I tried a long time with the hill height and lowest height as well as gravity falloff to at least expand the gravity field far enough to engulf a sphere of 400m radius and rapidly scease afterwards.... I can get the1g gravity to that radius but only with negative falloff and then the whole world has gravity literally...(5k km away I still had over ,3 g) So I ask you devs to make some aditions to enable more variete for planets and asteroids here is a rough list of what I need atm: -ability to set negative gravity forces on Planets. -abilty to set radius of athmo seperate from planet radius. -ability to set radius of gravity well seperate from planet radius. -abilits to set athmo falloff. -ability to set the cloud layer height seperate from the planet radius. -a Mylight similar function (spherical lightball) that casts shadows. If you have any doubts about what I said here is the current status of the dyson sphere: and here is a post on the KEEN Software house forums where I searched for a alternative for the MyLight: Thank you for your attention. In hope of a kind soul to listen to those rather absurd features. Venator2070

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mikrogen 27/02/18 16:49
This is not an issue, this is a feature suggestion.