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Dynamic changing skybox
Set up multiple Skyboxes in one world and assign them for each "area". When an engineer moves from one area to another, he sees the new universe. This will give visual pleasure to boring long-range navigation. And a new era will come to the forgotten "exploration mode".

Arara shared this idea 08/12/17 13:56
Neraniel 15/12/17 08:16
Well, I am no scientist or anything like that, but aren't the stars hundreds of light-years away? Even if it was dozens or just few light-years... It would require a lot of traveling to reach part of space, where stars would be at least a little different. I mean, SE aim to be realistic to some degree, right? Would you be even able to tell, if he skybox changes while travelling 100 m/s? Would you be able with jump drive? How far do you usually travel while exploring? :D
Arara 01/03/18 14:50
Sorry for the late reply. A game can not have perfect reality. SE directs reality well. However, you will know that you can not see the alien planet from the earth. At least in SE, that distance is a distance that makes it impossible to observe a planet of global size. Switching occurs during the jump, it will not interfere with play. If it happens during normal travel, it will need to be done slowly. An intermediate sky box may be required, but switching at a fresh speed can be easily avoided.
Arara 01/03/18 15:01
Every real needs to be compressed into gameplay. We can not sit in front of the PC for years to go to Mars. And in fact, after only 10 seconds of charge we get to Mars just by starting up the Jump Drive once. We can go even further to the outside of the solar system. It's real enough in a world where one engineer builds up a huge space battleship. So It is not unusual for us to see new scenery in new places.