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Dynamic Block Coloring
What i'm proposing is so when you paint an entire grid using Shift+Ctrl+Middle-Click (but not exclusive to Shift+Ctrl+Middle-Click can also be used with Shift+Middle-Click and Ctrl+Middle-Click) and only certain colors stay and others change. for example that you have a ship and it has blue, black, purple, and green but you want the blue to be red and black to be white and green to be orange and purple stays the same. Right now there is no way (that i know and that is quick like 1-3 button presses to paint an entire grid in a snap) for you to make certain colors a different color of your choosing and also have it where you can change specific block’s color say for example you want to turn all the conveyors on a grid to blue and turn all passageways to red and spot lights to black but leave everything untouched and stay the same color and also and undo option too. it honestly would save on time for painting the blocks. so i say Keen please make it happen.

DyingDarkStar shared this idea 20/12/17 14:03
Altenarian 06/01/18 04:29
Yes! I saw your comment. This would be SO useful! (Why didnt I think to post a suggestion about this?)So many times have I changed around and messed with my paint schemes on my ships, then I have to go back and paint every single ship again, 5 blocks(or block by block) at a time because I like the updated colours more. Example: I have a ship painted red. I decide I want the colour to be slightly darker, and the contrast lowered so it's more muted and rustic. I want this new colour on all my ships. Now I have to repaint the entire fleet, bit by bit, then go back and repaint all the accents, other major colours, and interiors and special colours. The ability to change the entire grid's colour at once would be such a massive help. It would honestly save me hours.
DyingDarkStar 06/01/18 19:50
SuicideNeil 02/02/18 16:43
As useful as this feature would be ( a total overhaul of the color-picker menu with new features and color/texture options ), you can actually already just change selected colors by using SE Toolbox. Download it, open the world file where your ships are, select one, click on 'cubes', then select all the blocks you want to re-color ( organise the blocks by color to make life easier ), click on 'color' and change it to whatever you want & click OK. Takes a while if you have lots of blocks to do, but it's a handy way to work around the incredibly basic and broken color picker ( the color you create with the sliders is nothing like the actual color you will get when you paint the blocks with it )...
DyingDarkStar 02/02/18 17:00
im just holding out hope that they will see this post and add it. and i can deal with the way the coloring is rn but this feature would make life easier that's all. (and i think there should also be a tool that you would use to select the color and or colors that you want to change)