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Dungeon Creation Tools
Give us tools to create and randomly spawn custom dungeons in our worlds, if we so choose. Again mentioning the idea for their to be a spherical field generator that inhibits tool usage, to prevent cheating cheaters. But the idea would be to create a blueprint, click "Add to Dungeon Spawn Structure List", hit okay and "WHAM" a solar system full of dungeons with random loot or ships in them. :3 Or... You know, just add them to the game as a general rule of thumb. We need things to explore afterall.

Reneta shared this idea 20/08/17 00:42
xphoenixxx 05/09/17 02:17
Sort of like a way outside of modapi to add things to the "encounter" list and conditions on where and how common?
Reneta 05/09/17 05:11
Effectively, yes. Something that would allow me to effectively "Build Structures, Blueprint, then add to a list, and have spawn in the world randomly." For people to explore, find rare or large commodities, or even find rare and potent blueprints. Perhaps even including blueprints that have modded blocks too.
Reneta 05/09/17 05:15
Oh, also, we'd need a way to save "Air Spaces" so you don't also have to excavate these spaces.