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Don't Kill Players Who Log Off
When a player disconnects and reconnects to a multiplayer server, they are forced to respawn and drop their items. This mechanic is, as far as I know, rare among survival games. In Minecraft, players disappear and reappear (inventories intact) when they reconnect. In Rust, a more "hardcore" survival game, players who disconnect fall to the ground (and appear to be asleep). They may be looted or killed, but they retain their inventories. Both of these options seem preferable to the status quo. In a game that contains, as we all know, numerous game-crashing bugs, I find it incredibly frustrating to lose my entire inventory, as well as my location, every time I disconnect.

QuerulousQQ shared this idea 22/08/17 06:22
QuerulousQQ 22/08/17 06:25
I know that the game can be modified to allow players to retain their inventories upon disconnection, even if they still respawn. This is sub-optimal for two reasons. Firstly, the extra hassle for something that could be a feature of the base game. Secondly, because it is exploitable. You can travel to remote locations, pick up items, then immediately teleport them back to a medbay by reconnecting. The player's location must be saved as well.
Brigor 22/08/17 13:34
For multiplayer there are the Cryo-pods. If you enter one before disconnecting you will be in it on login alive and with all your items. I like this mechanic, because you can log out in the pod on a mothership and if your friends move it while you are offline you are still in with them and not alone floating in space kilometers away. But you are right. It can be annoying, especially when you get disconnected from the server and die instantly.
QuerulousQQ 23/08/17 05:53
Yes, I am aware of cryo-pods, and they are great. I think if you are just in a cockpit or standing on a grid, you should not reconnect inside that grid. Thus, they could still serve the purpose of bringing you along with grids, even with my suggestion. I just don't think cryo-pods should be the /only/ way to survive a disconnection.
Badgomatic 25/08/17 16:28
+3 from me. There's nothing worse than getting disconnected before you're able to build a medbay, and is one of the biggest reasons I currently avoid MP. I spent hours a few weeks ago setting up a small spawnpoint base, only to disconnect *as* I was building my medbay. Total online gamebreaker.
Duckroll 25/08/17 20:58
I gave this +3 too. It's a really important feature and constantly confuses new players and makes things even worse for people who crash.
Chrysopoeia 27/08/17 02:02
Until the game is stable enough for unplanned/unwanted disconnects from servers to represent a minority of disconnects overall, removing inventories of players is absolutely not conducive to the gameplay experience. I do think that the current system should be a server option, though, for those who want to keep it , and an additional option for packs to be dropped on logout could be a long-term replacement overall. Simply deleting the inventory entirely is awful for anything but scenarios.
Hellothere 30/08/17 02:31
Honestly it would be great already to just have players die and drop their stuff so you can pick it up later once you respawn or have a friend loot you on a coop server instead of just having the items disappear without a trace.
xphoenixxx 04/09/17 01:52
I have on occasion seen a "ghost" connection where a player who has been disconnected (usually client side) still appears to be online. It eventually times out after a few minutes. Ideally this should be a feature not a bug. Do it on purpose, and if a player reconnects while they have a ghost character - instead of throwing an already connected error and throwing the ghost off - allow the player to connect, but have them appear in game near the "ghost" and transfer any inventory the ghost had to the active player prior to removing the ghost. Or at the very least have a loot bag spawn with their items next to where they log in.
AutoMcD 06/09/17 01:25
I actually just registered here to post EXACTLY THIS. I can't tell you how many items I've lost because the server keeps crashing, or even simple network errors. The cryo might be "safe" for when you log off on purpose, but it's definitely not a solution to this. And actually I think getting booted from a network error is worse than death because you just disappear, nothing is dropped! That stack of plates and elite tools just vanished. Fears of making the cryo useless are overrated, this is a necessary change for survival play.
TwoSnake 07/09/17 15:24
Nothing worse than building up your base on multiplayer and getting disconnected before being able to build a medical bay. Frankly the game is broken in this regard.
Soultechnology 08/09/17 23:32
cryo-pods? i guess your requesting them to be optional rather then mandatory but cryo pods do do exactly what your requesting.
SlyeFox 08/09/17 23:46
@Soultechnology Ah, so Cryopods will allow me to keep my inventory if the i loose power in the building then? Good to know.
AutoMcD 09/09/17 01:02
No, cryo do not do exactly this, not unless you happen to go into it right before internet hiccups or the server crashes. You're SOL if you're out flying around or building or whatever when such accident happens. And also if the building loses power, your character dies anyway. So safest bet is to store your items before logoff.
Shadows 14/09/17 22:38
I like this idea, it would make the game seem more realistic and give targets for online players/friends. My only concern is that the cryo pods will basically be obsolete. Why make cryo pods when you can simply leave your character somewhere safe when logging out? I think in this case it would have to be an either/or situation. Unless the cryo pods actually freeze your characters current data (e.g. no more O2/Energy/etc usage). Since logging out in a "safe" spaceship, you could feasibly use up all the oxygen (albeit slowly).
dcar 14/09/17 23:18
+3. This is the only game I know of where you lose everything in your pockets when you log out or get disconnected. It should never have been a function and should be changed to either link the player to the grid to which they were last attached or to simply leave the player floating in space wherever they logged out (even if it means somebody flew their ship away because they were floating around and not walking on the hull at the time).
SlyeFox 14/09/17 23:54
@Shadows: Cryopods allow you to be moved while offline.
Shadows 15/09/17 00:28
@SlyeFox So would this idea. If I logged off inside a ship with the mag boots active, assumidly I would move with it.
Zoladen 15/09/17 16:57
I'm all for either a 10 minute timer until you die (or some other length of time), or until your character runs out of air and dies. Or both. Cryochambers are fine and all, but don't punish people who get disconnected unduly.
AutoMcD 16/09/17 14:05
Honestly, we don't need to preserve bad things out of commitment to keeping the cryo useful. That's a stupid strategy.
MalkContent 04/10/17 10:39
+3, definitly. one of my biggest irks with multiplayer. just leave disconnected players where they were. in space, they eventually suffocate anyways or run out of energy. and if that isn't happening (e.g. by being on a planet or being in a cockpit) you just declare the character braindead after 24 hours or so.
forcedminer 05/10/17 15:58
need to get that feature from Rust. When a player logs off or disconnects their player they controls goes to sleep. something similar should be made but with the engineers oxygen still depleting so if they disconnect by mistake they'll still have plenty of time to reconnect and get him/her to a safe place to logout. . hopefully it'll be a station that collects enough oxygen from an oxygen farm to sustain the engineer for a long time.
Ventus 06/11/17 16:32
i am playing full vanilla server 1x1x1 and the server rearly crases
TarraKrot 03/12/17 21:57
Suggested sollution is a quite simple in principle indeed. Rule 1; Keep players alive as long as their suit has the following 1: Power, 2: Oxygen, 3: "health". Even when they log off be it to restart the game, step away a few min, random disconect or crash As suggested, I agree. Let there be a "static" suit stay behind till it "dies". As long as the player comes back in a reasonable ammount of time they continue from where they were (Hint: Yes rust dose this, Ark also dose this really well as a second comparison). Anything other than this is just punishing the player (at least how it is now). Especially when The fault isn't on the player but the game or internet etc. Rule 2; Cryo-chamers used as before, no change required. But used for when you basically log off for a few hours or days. Here we have this nailed already. And yet the principle is the same as rule 1. You stay alive as long as you have Oxygen, Power and health. That is how it is done "the best" way In my honest opinion.
RowdyHusky 26/02/18 16:56
I think that the best option is fall to ground when you disconnect from the server and when you reconnect respawn automatically where your corpse was. Also I believe that this is an urgent feature a survival game without this feature is not a survival game.
Mishka6783 26/04/18 14:49
This is not a huge issue with the cryo-pod or you can dump your stuff in a crate.
leonexis 26/04/18 16:20
@Mishka6783, you missed the major point: there are client crashes and disconnects that happen randomly. Sure you can go to a cryo pod, etc... if you actually knew when you would be disconnected or your client was going to crash. From the OP: > In a game that contains, as we all know, numerous game-crashing bugs, I find it incredibly frustrating to lose my entire inventory, as well as my location, every time I disconnect. Please read the post completely before just shoving it off.
Doomedperson 17/07/18 21:32
Great idea, but using this makes cryo pods obsolete, as many others have pointed out. Instead, like many others, I suggest that, when you disconnect, the server should essentially act as if you are afk. Your suit energy and oxygen go down as usual, and when you run out, you die. This way, you can't just stick all your valuables in your inventory when you log out, but at the same time, if you are disconnected or your game crashes, you have plenty of time to reconnect.
mikrogen 20/07/18 16:02
Player persistency introduced in 1.187