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Document the Scripting and Mod APIs!
I am fed up with having to use ILSpy and Visual Studio to reverse engineer the contents of the game's dlls. We need proper documentation and tutorials explaining how to use the scripting and modding APIs to do common tasks. As inadvertently noted by this suggestion: nowhere on the internet is documentation complete, not on the Wikis and not on the official Space Engineers github page. This is forever causing people confusion because they can't figure out how to do something. Take this example of someone not knowing how to view power usage information through scripts: I believe that if there was better documentation available there would be a lot more people creating cool scripts and mods instead of just the elite people who were able to reverse engineer and understand the libraries. I don't use the word 'elite' lightly, I myself am a quite experienced programmer and I have written a few unfinished, unpublished mods, but I always find myself struggling to write Space Engineers mods and scripts (moreso than for other games). One of the biggest reasons my mods are unfinished is because it's an uphill struggle trying to find the parts of the modding API that can facilitate what I want to do, I find myself reading through class after class and interface after interface trying to figure out what should be simple things like listing the ore veins on a planet or making my modded blocks deplete power. Modding and scripting should only be as hard as knowing how to program and reading the documentation, it should not involve having to manually dig through dumps of the library and searching through hundreds of classes to find the one that does what the modder/scripter needs to do. I accept that there are a number of tutorials on the forums, but they are of greatly varying quality and few are truly comprehensive. Good documentation would promote better tutorials because the tutorial writers would actually have decent documentation to reference.

Pharap shared this idea 10/10/17 21:55