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Docking Collar
The merge block is not a good tool to use for docking. The very fact that it merges and splits grids (which is exactly what they're supposed to do) makes it a pain to use in conjunction with scripting because it's difficult to separate blocks per ship. However, we do have pressurization, one of the more interesting features of the game. I would very much like to see a docking collar system that works more like the connector. Creating an airtight seal, but does _not_ merge the grids.

malwaredev shared this idea 24/09/17 20:11
XkyDiver 24/09/17 20:24
Something like a doorway and connector in one? A passageway the Astronaut can walk through?
malwaredev 24/09/17 20:26
Yes, something like that
NikolasMarch 02/10/17 22:58
darn it, my votes are still broken, just pretend i dropped 3 here :)
Vrmithrax 10/10/17 22:10
I've been wanting this for YEARS!!! The merge block was made to be an entirely too "permanent" connection solution, and I've been wishing (and asking) for some kind of docking mechanism to allow for things like truly modular ship building.
Merandix 11/10/17 14:27
3 votes given. Spaceships and docking... I still wonder how is this not already in the game? So many things benefit from this...
elu293 11/10/17 22:13
+3 Would nice to be able to do this without fouling scripts etc
Yeto 18/10/17 00:19
+3 it is emersive, realistic, and pls help your brave scripters. Also the block limit and toll of simulation huge grids have makes it necessary to recombine grids only when realy needed and seperate them again eg. after transport, and pls without writing 10 lines of code. a docking colour would realy help!