Space Engineers Feedback

Do you even atmosphere bro?
C'mon lads, we got planets, we may get weather on them, before you do that consider this: its not my mod but i've used it in every server that i've started someone already posted the idea about the "heat" part but what i really want is the atmospheric physics. That would need some wing parts which actually works using the drag and lift. If weather comes up its gonna need some wind simulation, also i am very well that this would take huge amount of performance but i am confidend that you guys can do it. This game has so much potantial and i really want it to be good and enjoyable. Pros: +Better looking fighters +Carefull flying in planets +REALISM! Cons: -Performance loss -more performance loss -just a bit more performance loss -maybe hard to fly if added speed mods? (since you know people will melt in entry burn if enter at huge speeds) -sad coders who have been assigned to optimize this :( YOU GOT THIS GUYS!

Babbus shared this idea 16/09/17 14:37