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Do something to the Gravity Drive exploit.
(Reposted from the forum in hopes that it will get more traction here) Don't get me wrong, I love Gravity Drives. They present an awesome engineering problem when designing ships that's very satisfying to solve. Plus they're a neat alternative to thrusters. If you ask me, they should stay in the game as a mechanic, but something obviously needs to be done to them to make this mechanic balanced. Here are a few options: 1) Make them much weaker. 2) Make them consume much more energy (my favorite option) 3) Both 4) Just disable the mechanic (which will be difficult if GG and AM blocks stay in the game). Whatever you awesome folks at KSH decide to do with them, please don't hold it off because your decision will drastically affect how PVP ships are designed.

Kephyr shared this idea 18/08/17 13:07