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Distributed Dedicated Server
This would require extreme amounts of work and research to complete. Add distributed computing functionality to the Space Engineers dedicated server software, so you can hook up multiple servers together to host a single (not necessarily seamless, but unified) world. The server nodes would work together, simulating various grids and players, and passing them over to other nodes when appropriate. The server nodes would communicate with each other, updating the world state as it gets changed. With this feature, a host with sufficient resources could host 300+ player games.

JJRcop shared this idea 18/08/17 04:00
mccorkle 18/08/17 16:47
I'm not sure what you mean by 'host with sufficient resources' resources @jjrcop. My dedicated server has 12 cores at 3.2Ghz and I keep them all pretty much at 100% hosting just 16 player events with block and voxel damage turned off. Server planning is a science, and not one that you could do with an army of volunteer servers hosted on consumer grade hardware and internet connections. The hard truth is that for Keen to host this kind of infrastructure, it would run to the order of about $4300 a month (based on 19 c4.xlarge servers at AWS). Would you pay $14.33/mth to be a player in that universe? If so, then count me in and find 298 of your friends and we can submit a request with our credit cards ready. I've been hoping for a Space Engineers MMO for a long time.
JJRcop 18/08/17 19:08
Wasn't talking about Keen hosting, just that they add this functionality to their dedicated server software. When I said "host with sufficient resources" I was not referencing KSH, literally, host (anyone who wants to) with sufficient resources (enough computing power).
Steinmarder 31/08/17 00:49
This is already done in a mod, its on the workshop.
JJRcop 01/09/17 20:00
The "Server Link Multi-Server PvP" mod does not implement this suggestion. You type in a command to be teleported to another server to battle, then you get teleported out. What I am suggesting is to allow multiple servers to host the same shared world, and passively transfer players to each other when required, with no action from the player needed. This suggestion is much more complicated than the mod on the workshop.
ForsakenChief 25/04/18 01:56
I would totally be down for something like this.