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Disable Jetpack in Natural Gravity Option
I suggest an option: Realistic Jetpack (in world settings) Currently there is an option for disabling jetpack. I suggest a third option which will be in between. Jetpack should be ineffective in natural gravity. Player should be able to fly with jetpack in low natural gravity like on moons, but he/she shouldn't be able to fly in heavy natural gravity on planets. Or, at least, player may fly on planet with only empty inventory.

CanOmer shared this idea 19/10/17 23:00
Absolarix 26/10/17 03:38
Absolarix 26/10/17 03:39
Just switch that setting when you go into space.
Ilias 12/02/18 17:28
+, @Absolarix, the suggestion is to add the setting for player wouldn't need the server restart each time he enters/leaving planet.