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Deep space radar and Nebulas to hide in
Deep space radar would be a costly end-game block that makes all grids within it's radius show up on the hud regardless of whether they have a beacon or antenna on them. Nebula's and atmospheres would negate deep space radar because of interference. Nebula's would be be relatively large gas clouds, sufficient enough to hide the largest of large grid ships. If someone were to step outside their ship while in a Nebula they would take damage (slightly more damage than oxygen-less environments), only while inside their ship's grid internals are they safe and shielded from it. The ship would take no damage. Nebula's would have reduced visibility and no radar, beacon, or antenna would work while inside one effectively leaving both a pursuer and the pursued near-sighted to blind and would have to rely solely on visual confirmation. Ships should have trouble navigating it and may even crash into one another. I know this may be a difficult feature to add but I would be remiss if I didn't at least attempt to get it put into the game.

Half shared this idea 15/09/17 07:22