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Deep Space Antennas + related long range communication
Existing antennas are far too short in range when you have possessions in your world dispersed among more than one planet etc. To avoid cheating via space master I suggest long range antennas with a max range in thousands of km, maybe 5.000 at the most. They can be bulkier or more power consuming than existing ones, to give them some disadvantages, or usable only when the entity which carries them is standing still (stations and satellites) at a known position. Also I guess it will be alright to delay messages and remote control information sent over deep space antenna for a period depending on the distance, up to let's say two minutes if it is 5.000 km away. Or randomly they get distorted by some interference and you got to repeat it (you will be informed about malfunction in case of that). All this gives a feeling of real cosmos and vast distances. For building satellites the deep space antenna would also have to be available for small grids. I want to build chains of satellites covering distances beyond the maximum of one pair of such antennas alone. Interesting tactical potential: In case of an attack the enemy may chose to destroy the satellite connection first so an attacked station can't call help over the link. This is basically no fiction technology as we have domes on Earth which are trying to listen to deep space sound and receiving noises from lightyears away.

Cetric shared this idea 20/08/17 11:36
Cetric 21/08/17 11:18
This antenna model could have extension slots just like assembler now, where you can insert modules which determine both the range and some specialization of the antenna. Infra-Red, other types of waves, traces of thruster activities...