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Dedicated server multithreading
Add (or improve if it's already there) multithreaded processing for dedicated servers. I have a dual, quad core xeon server with a total of 8 cores providing 16 logical CPU's. It's very saddening to see lag and poor performance on my DS and seeing only 1 of the 16 CPU's being used. I know that optimizations are still being done etc, but I just wanted to list this, in case it's not known about.

woodster shared this idea 18/08/17 03:51
Korfio 18/08/17 13:46
Definitely necessary. Obvious ideas include: * breaking up the world into distinct areas, handled by distinct cores. Work on interconnecting those areas could be re-used towards server syndication later. * antenna networks have to be handled, e.g. they could be limited to a max number of grids * those areas could be dynamically split into other by monitoring load per area
AutoMcD 21/09/17 14:52
Very badly needed!
Tarax 27/09/17 15:20
Yes please! It's sad to see it limited to one core on a 16 cored Intel server cpu. Would love to see a boost to this. Seems a logical new step now that you done a lot of good changes to the net code itself
gauge 27/09/17 22:56
Could split the processing of certain functions across cores * Inventory and or conveyor systems * Damage system * Communication (voice coms, chat, antenna) * Physics (spread out over as many cores as possible) I understand that these operations are somewhat tied together and may not or should not be separated but i would love to see game performance scale much more linearly with better hardware.
captfullbird 10/11/17 23:23
Truthfully I dont see why this has not been seen by keen? as sim speed is what everything is linked to. I would have thought that they would make the game able to utilize all resources and the CPU is the main Component... Just my 2 cents. I can see this killing many issues with this stone. If i could vote 20PTS here i would.
TarraKrot 03/12/17 22:03
I agree with what was already said. This seems the most logical next step. Especially now since the game is starting to shape up. Consider this, If we have the proppor backbone to host a proppor server, using it to it's full potential. That way you/we could potentially find more issues that perhaps are unseen now. But Would of course also provide a potential Massive Preformence boost as well as getting the community together in a much wider scoap. Me and a few friends (8) just gave up on our server survival playthrough because we just could not play together. If more than 3-4 people were online = Rip server responsiveness.
RogerWilco 04/03/18 22:40
please for the love of our lord and saviour cthulhu fix it so Servers can actualy server in making dedicated games better
mecranford 16/04/18 04:01
Sorry i know this is an old thread but i have the same problem. 16 core 32 thread and its only using 1 CPU. Is there any news on this?
mikrogen 20/07/18 15:59
Optimized in 1.187