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Dedicated Server auto-udater/update downloader
There are a lot of requests on here about the addition of a server manager or additional features to the actual dedicated server software. I'm all for those, but none of them address the most time consuming/problematic attribute of dedicated server hosting (in my opinion): updating the server software. I would love to see an option in the server manager that automatically checks KSH servers for updates to the dedicated server and then downloads and extracts the ZIP over the existing server install. Because I use a dedicated server box to host the server application (and not my Steam desktop) I would like this auto-updater to be able to run without the Steam client. Similar functionality exists with the program MultiMC for Minecraft, but on the client side. I can sign in with my credentials (so that licensing is still maintained) and then the application prompts me to download new versions of the executable as they are published.

enpaul shared this idea 20/09/17 05:08