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Decorative Blocks
This would only require attention of the art team, using existing code. The game currently has virtually no decorative blocks (e.g. simple tables/chairs) and this makes it difficult for aesthetic builds. This could even simply involve taking some mods to make them vanilla. For instance:

Duckroll shared this idea 08/08/17 15:51
Smokki 18/08/17 22:38
Agreed! When the core part of the game is about building, there should at least be some very basic decorative blocks like for example: - toilet-shower-sink combo block - bunk bed - work desk - bench - locker - fridge - counter - counter-sink combo block - counter-cooker combo block - table-chairs combo block - few command consoles When even games where the focus is more about survival rather than building (for example Empyrion or 7 Days to Die) have more decorative options, you know there are some problems with the games direction.
FoolishOwl 18/08/17 23:38
Aside from armor blocks, most existing blocks are detailed and suggest a specific purpose. This is great when using those blocks as originally intended, but limits how they can be repurposed for aesthetic effects. Clearly, a lot of SE users are interested in building giant starships and space stations with lots of external detail; internal detail is missing.
Reneta 20/08/17 00:04
I personally recommend Eikester's Decoration Mods for inclusion into the game if you can incorporate the mods successfully. If I had deco blocks, it might actually be worth playing in banirra!
Astronomical 26/08/17 00:12
A few basic decorative blocks are much needed in SE. Some of them could even have functionality if possible. For example a work desk with a computer could also be an additional programming block or a locker could be used as a cargo container without conveyor ports. Just for a little variety. +3
AutoMcD 06/09/17 20:42
Some basics to make a ship feel hospitible would be great.
technocluch15 22/09/17 08:10
duncandisorder 27/09/17 23:02
Great idea. Returning the favour.
ThiccBoiThobias 27/05/18 16:44
Good idea, however it does feel like more of a medieval engineers idea, unless you made all the aesthetic things futuristic looking, like hologram projecters that display a custom image in png/jpeg format, or tables that rose up out of the ground when interacted with.