Space Engineers Feedback

Decent Lighting
One thing that lacks in SE is decent lighting. you have the massive spot lights then the tiny lights which give out very little light. my suit light lights up the area perfectly but no other light can do the same thing without being too weak or too bright. inside my ship i turn off my suit light but the lights that are currently in the game are marked out as bright dots of light while leaving the rest of the area around them in the dark only way to get around that is to build a spotlight, but then that's too bright. we need a decent lighting system so if i turn off my suit light in the bowels of my ship or station i'm not pitched into near total darkness even when i do have lights around. adjusting the current lights to brighten them up only makes them bright pinpoints of light which can be hard to look at.

HaTsUnE0NeKo shared this idea 14/09/17 21:41