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Debris From Mining or Excavating Shouldn't Prevent Building Blocks
Whenever you mine or use the secondary function to excavate without creating ore to collect there are always little chunks of ore that you can't interact with but they still prevent you from building. If you are trying to build into voxels as you dig you have to wait for these little chunks to despawn before you can build. Because you can't interact with them or collect them they really shouldn't prevent you from building blocks.

Herakilla shared this idea 23/09/17 21:04
NikolasMarch 24/09/17 23:45
yeah this gets irritating, the debris from a voxel deformation action that you cant 'pick up' as a small bit of ore, and is going to disappear in a about 30 seconds should not get in the way of placing a block
Savagehunter924 18/10/17 01:17
yeah I see how that would be annoying. I hope they fix that.