Space Engineers Feedback

Damage Effect Distance Too Short
Smoke and fire effects seem to disappear from not very far away, this isn't very useful for taking screenshots. Add a slider for damage effect distance perhaps?

aleliabro shared this idea 17/09/17 19:25
Infinity 06/10/17 08:22
No O2, no fire....
aleliabro 06/10/17 16:03
To clarify I was talking about on a planet
NapalmSyrup 06/10/17 21:33
As in render distance, I assume? I agree, the level of detail in this game drops off far too quickly.
aleliabro 11/10/17 00:40
Well this was specifically for the fire and smoke effects more than rendering of the blocks
admiralpeck 14/11/17 03:19
if no o2 =no fire, then what if it's a conveyor that transports o2 burning?
Saberwulfy 15/12/17 08:22
fluorine and chlorine Oxygen isn't exclusive for fire