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Customizable Block Power Draw
I recommend adding in the ability for each component block to have a customizable power draw, both for idle power draw, and active/operational power draw. Factories and refineries, and thrusters already have this feature, so at least some of the coding already exists, which should make expanding it to allow all block types to have a customizable power draw relatively easy. The intent is to allow individual components to have variable, and customizable power draw levels. For example, a gyro that is sitting idle, with the ship not turning, would draw only minimal power, but when that gyro is activated to turn the ship, its power draw increases, further expanding the economy of power usage aspects of the game. This would be especially useful for modders, and would allow all sorts of modded systems that are currently only dreamed of, or implemented with complex and imperfect work-arounds, to be put in place. True "energy" weapons could be created - weapons that draw on the ship's power generation vs ammo alone, and adding another aspect for modders to use to balance weapons mods, and shield mods. Radar and communications systems, too, could also be set to have variable power levels, and others could come up with even more imaginative ways to play with this kind of system than me, I'm sure.

Ilithi shared this idea 24/09/17 16:42
NikolasMarch 24/09/17 23:33
most blocks already support this, the ones that dont have that line in the definition files, you can just add the necessary line(s) i have done this to the wheel/suspension blocks before, which dont originally have a power usage in the definition file, but do respond to one being added