Space Engineers Feedback

Custom technology tree, gravity and turret recoil and some stuff
1.Custom technology tree I hope technology tree will add into Space Engineers. The custom technology tree should allow administrator add the mod into the tech tree. Then, the server administrator can establish their custom technology tree in the multiplayer mode. I written my idea about faction competition and ship specializations in detail a few months ago. And, xphoenixxx made a good summary for me. You guys can check it out in this link. In simple word , each faction has their unique tech tree. Each faction has their advantage and disadvantage. In order to unlock new tech, faction need defeat other faction in some missions or Quests. 2.Gravity I hope the gravity can affect the trajectory of the rocket or artillery shell. So, the shell will follows the curve of a parabola due to the influence of gravity. 3.Recoil I hope recoil(Back kick Force) can affect the turret. Not only affect the fixed gun. So, I can make some turret mod that has recoil. I think it is interesting if recoil sway ship and create some uncertain factor in the ship battle. (Just like the old time, the gun turrets of battleship fire and recoil sway the entire ship). 4. some stuff The mechanism allow engineer grab the components. Just like the mod in this link Fire-control system A mechanism allow player control motion of multiple turret at once. Just like the Whip's Turret AI Slaving Script by Whiplash141.

tom147528 shared this idea 12/11/17 07:29